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Laugh Out London LIVE!

You may have heard Tom and myself (Jack) teasing you with some “Exciting News”.  Well I think now is the time to announce it… LAUGH OUT LONDON ARE PUTTING ON A COMEDY GIG! See, told you it’s exciting! Oh and want to hear the best part? IT’S FREE!* […]

Stand-Up For The Alternative

Hallo all! As mentioned on our previous podcast (still available!) we shall be in attendance at the very exciting Stand-Up For The Alternative gig happening Sat 26th March at an unspecified location on Oxford Street. We are certain that location will be a tax-dodger however, with this part […]

Laugh Out London

Is that the Internet?

It is! Fantastic. We give new meaning to the term LOL! Well, the same meaning, but in London. We’re Tom and Jack and we talk about cheap, good comedy in London. Listen! First ep coming very soon. Not this soon. Wait a bit more. Follow us on Twitter […]