Gerry Howell Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Gerry Howell

Establishing himself as one of the comedy circuit’s most lovable eccentrics, Gerry Howell’s performances verge from surreal waffling to ludicrous rambles, segueways, nonsequiturs, tall-tales and shaggy-dog stories, poems and ponderings, with his charisma carrying the nonsense effortlessly. Always dynamic, Gerry is doing multiple shows at the Fringe this […]

Karl Schultz at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Karl Schultz

From starring as Captain Hook in Weirdos’ pantomime production of Hook as his tall-wigged alter ego Matthew Kelly to flinging paper aeroplanes around the Soho Theatre, Karl Schultz has established as one of the London comedy circuit’s most imaginative and divisive acts. He’s gained praise from such established […]