Joey Page Edinburgh Fringe Festival Interview

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Joey Page

The surrealist streams of thought and extravagant dress sense of Joey Page are becoming more and more recognisable throughout the UK thanks to appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (where he resembles Noel Fielding’s eager younger brother) and live shows that have evoked such comments as “wonderfully weird” […]

Gerry Howell Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Gerry Howell

Establishing himself as one of the comedy circuit’s most lovable eccentrics, Gerry Howell’s performances verge from surreal waffling to ludicrous rambles, segueways, nonsequiturs, tall-tales and shaggy-dog stories, poems and ponderings, with his charisma carrying the nonsense effortlessly. Always dynamic, Gerry is doing multiple shows at the Fringe this […]