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A new Partridge is born

With the Alan Partridge movie well on its way, Norfolk’s favourite son is once again taking centre stage in an awkwardness that isn’t even aware what self-awareness means. That title may soon be taking away though with the arrival of Daniel Evans onto the scene. Through the YouTube […]

Top comedy DVDs

Top comedy DVDs – part 1

It’s nowhere near Christmas, but we don’t care. Here are some comedy DVDs that are good all year round. Or maybe for birthdays or Mother’s Day or something. Stewart Lee- If You Prefer a Milder Comedian Please Ask For One Pretty much every Stewart Lee DVD is worth […]

The rise of online comedy videos

Turtle Canyon Comedy, an independent comedy production company based at Pinewood Studios, was officially formed in 2012 by stand-up comedian Stuart Laws. The world of comedy is an interesting and uncertain place in 2013. YouTube has enabled people with no budget and no major backing to become bona […]