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Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Awards 2018

It’s been another amazing Edinburgh Festival Fringe full of great comedy, captivating drama and too many chips. The Edinburgh Comedy Awards have made their decision on who won this year’s festival, but we now bring you the only awards that truly matter – Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards, also known as the LOLlies.

Best newcomer

Beth Vyse’s toddler Henry made a great debut in his mother’s gloriously ridiculous show at the Monkey Barrel, managing to hold his own against a Gillian McKeith eating poo from a nappy and a silent hand maiden in a leopard morph suit.

However, we feel this year’s most inspiring debut is from Mr Fruit Salad – a chip shop owner from Pontefract who charmed all who came to see his short run of shows at the Spiegel Yurt. Sadly he couldn’t pick up his award but Joz Norris has claimed it for him

Best new venue

The Spiegel Yurt is a very welcome addition to Bob Slayer’s Heroes empire, managing to create a warm, communal atmosphere for great shows from the likes of Tessa Waters and Lucy Hopkins. It turns out comedy can work in a tent. Just don’t stain the carpets.

Best use of small plastic hands

Our most hotly contested award category that has launched successful careers in small plastic hands for previous winners such as Joz Norris, Spencer Jones and Zach and Viggo. And this year’s lucky recipient is dynamic sketch duo Norris and Parker who incorporated small plastic hands into their gripping, terrifying tale of witchcraft.

Most surreal Fringe moment

This was when I was watching drag show Denim and realised I was sat behind childhood mentors Tim Vincent and Stuart Miles from Blue Peter, both of whom seemed to be having a jolly old time. Then I see them waving and smiling at someone on the other side of the audience. Who could it be? Paul O’Grady? No! It was fellow Blue Peter alumni Mark Curry. And next to him was Janet Ellis, Peter Purves and Peter Duncan, all enjoying the beautiful voices of Crystal, Glamrou, Shirley, Aphrodite and Elektra.

Best Fringe photo

This photo of the brilliant Rachel Parris being carried through a sea of partygoers at Max and Ivan’s fantastic Prom Night by several cheerleaders led by Tom Parry. She had just finished an amazing rendition of (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.

Best guitar riffs

At the same Prom Night (which really was very impressive – well done Max and Ivan) when Andrew O’Neill claimed victory in the talent contest with a very appropriate rendition of Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode. Those kids loved it.

Most fun on a bus

Singing along to the Pat Cahill classic C is for Coconuts on top of the Blundabus at midnight. It’s his Angels.

Most fun in a tent

Pillow fighting with Tessa Waters in the Spiegel Yurt

Image that will never leave my mind

Lucy Pearman put absolutely everything into her performance as The Big Apple this year. I just hope she doesn’t have lasting damage to her mouth.

Best show

The only award we take seriously. Other than best use of small plastic hands of course. And there have been some truly fantastic shows to choose from. Mentions have to go to the upbeat energy and originality of Ròisin and Chiara; the relentless hilarity and imagination of Sam Campbell; the devastating poignancy and dark humour of Sheeps; the defiant absurdity of John-Luke Roberts, and the powerful honesty of Jessie Cave.

But this year’s award goes to Lucy Pearman for an hour of baffling wonder that still made perfect sense. A real idiosyncratic performer who creates beautiful, original characters and performs them with charm and zeal.

Best sausage

A draw between the one shot out of homemade cannon by Foxdog Studios before being cooked by a robot and the eponymous Delightful Sausage in The Delightful Sausage. Strong sausage showing this year

Best example of mob mentality and explanation for how fascists can rise to power

The collective audience mind at The Glang Show that led to several people watching the show from behind a curtain, one of whom was in his pants due to an earlier incident.

Best balls

The orbs in the aforementioned Glang Show – an exciting new form of comedy anarchy that will hopefully be a Fringe staple going forward.

Best dance moves

Harriet Kemsley showed off some silky moves at the end of her brilliant hour on female sexuality but just ìn front is Adam Larter who tore up the dance floor (and probably some hot pants) in Boogie Knights- a thrilling medieval tale with a disco soundtrack.

Show that best lived up to its blurb

Adam Larter’s Boogie Knights.

Best welcome to a show

Roisin and Chiara feeding the audience bon bons as we got seated was a definite highlight.

The Perrier Award

This one must go to Natalie Palamides who must have gone through a dozen cans of Perrier water in her show.

Wettest stage

Natalie Palamides cleans up for this one  very literally.

Riskiest comic in the biz

Jordan Brookes was the strong favourite for this one but in the end we had to give it to Chris Ramsey. A comic daredevil

Best merchandise

Lou Sanders’ Dick Inspector hats are a work of art.

The Cheeky Chappy Award

It’s got to be Luke McQueen for his chat show that brilliantly subverted the genre.

Most entertaining improviser

Mark Silcox shone in his role of ‘improv corner’ in Luke’s show.

Best Pick of the Fringe show in London

It’s got to be Laugh Out London’s Pick of the Fringe in Angel on September 10 with John-Luke Roberts, Ed Gamble, Jayde Adams and Maisie Adam.

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