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Robyn Perkins: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 interview

robyn perkins

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Oh that chestnut. Its pretty close, but the blurb makes it sound like it is about bad decisions, when it is about indecision.

Who are you sharing a flat with and how will you help each other survive the month?

We have the best flat: Russell Hicks, Sarah Iles, Dave Chawner, Zahra Bari, Richard Wright and Aidan Jones (it’s a large flat). We are all in every Fringe together and have been since 2013, each with our own roles. Russell, in his improvisational manner, will impersonate everyone & everything; he is the laughter of the flat. Two Fringes ago improvised a song on his guitar about why my [soon to be] ex boyfriend decided to get drunk in Cambridge instead of coming to the Fringe. There were tears of laughter and pain simultaneously. So it’s fitting in his words “Robyn isn’t doing her debut hour this year…we all are doing Robyn’s debut hour”. Zahra will make everyone feel better by making tea and be the kind support she is. Sarah will make everyone feel better by making alcoholic drinks and allowing to vent (both key in any Fringe support system). Dave desperately tries to help by changing any conversation to be not about comedy…though inherently always fails. Meanwhile, he is winning every award silently in the background. And finally Aidan and Richard. Aidan is happy-go-lucky and surprisingly brutally honest. Harsh words with an Australian accent and a smile are a weird dose of truth. This is needed, but is only OK because you have Richard there for a pep talk immediately following. Its fitting the two of them are in the lounge, like an Devil and Angel scenario.

Any shows you’re excited about seeing?

I am gutted I am on at the same time as Ian Smith. He is amazing. I am also looking forward to Darren Harriott and Robin Ince.

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Performing great shows? I mean, apart from shows, is there anything else? Honestly, I do have a few friends in Edinburgh, so it will be nice to see them.

The Fringe’s tagline this year is ‘Into The Unknown’. What do people not know about you?

I’m [cry-level] afraid of cockroaches. I’ve had two surgeries on my ankle in the past year and a half, and due to sitting down, I’ve learned that my ass is the same width as my bathtub. I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro. I have had a number of careers and degrees, including marine biologist, landscape architect (worked on Quartermile in Edinburgh and the Rio Olympics), and professional potter. And I went to Harvard. That one I don’t really tell people…should I?

I’m bored of all the podcasts I currently subscribe to. Can you recommend me a good one please?

All Killa No Filla (Kiri Pritchard McLean) and Guilty Feminist?

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it. Here is my favourite quote, which I saw on the garage door of Italy. There was no author, so

I have no idea who said it: “As I look at those I once knew, I realize that as we all must, due to change, there’s really no way to look back at the way we were. For all together, we are different, even in our recollections. For if I were to look forward to my future, with my old eyes, young in experience, before I had become who I am, I might see a different set of not yet met possibilities.”

Robyn Perkins: 10,000 Decisions
Underbelly, Bristo Sq
1-26 Aug, 5.50pm

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