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Matthew Highton: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 interview

matthew highton

Hello, how are you today?

Very good thank you. So much so I’ve decided to spice this interview up and reply using the font “Book Antiqua”, giving my replies a much-needed dose of class. And it really is a classy font, if I write the word Butts, for example, it makes it read like a character in a Dickens novel. Further example, “they found Butts by the docks, mercilessly devouring half an eel of questionable origin. Opium had always given Butts an insatiable hunger and the unusual state of this creature would not stop him from his attempt to appease his plight.”

I assume your website is using the Book Antiqua font? [I’m not sure how to make it work, I’m sorry – Ed]

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Actually, very accurately. Got to say, I planned ahead this year.

Matthew, the bookies are touting you as a favourite for “Sexiest Bloke at the Fringe” what’s it like to live with that?

It’s actually a real honour. I’ve been secretly hoping to get nominated for years and this year I really concentrated on the grooming process and picked a strong theme that would curry favour with the judges. Anyway, here’s hoping.

Who are you sharing a flat with and how will you help each other survive the month?

Ali Brice, Tim Renkow, Joz Norris, Andy Barr. My very presence will be of aid to them, spiritually that is. Physically I will buy us a whopping pile of toilet roll day one. Bricey has a delicate stomach and a hunger for wheat, not a great combo.

Any shows you’re excited about seeing? Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

There are so many shows. SO MANY. And I hate answering this because it’s hard to be no bias. With that in mind go see Richard Soames show, he’s physically making a film in an hour using an old camcorder. His director is hella handsome and definitely not me.

Matthew, does it bother you knowing that a lot of newer comics are looking at your jackets and trying to replicate their success at the Fringe.

Interesting question. I see it as flattery more than anything. I guess when I see a newer comic with a better jacket maybe I should start looking for a new job, lol.

The Fringe’s tagline this year is ‘Into The Unknown’. What do people not know about you?

I’m an open book and anyone looking into my time in a maximum-security prison in Mexico will be sorely disappointed to find all my records are available for public download and with nothing redacted or hidden. Highlights include “my first shanking” and “prison abs, the sexy workout that won’t get you murdered.” It’s also available as an audio book narrated by Michael Cera.

I’m bored of all the podcasts I currently subscribe to. Can you recommend me a good one please?

Lore. No jokes here.

Matthew, you’re an expert at sneaking in questions that are actually your own. Would you ever do that to us?

Not at all. I have too much respect for you guys.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

In the wild frogs have been known to change sexes to further procreation. Interestingly, we used amphibian DNA to fill in gene gaps for the dinosaurs in my Costa Rican theme park. What we had intended was to make same sex dinosaurs as a measure to stop procreation and control numbers – you have to remember this was the 90s and the genetic sanctions we have today were far fewer and the advances we were making revolutionary. Anyway, the dinosaurs it would seem exploited this genetic loop hole to do exactly the thing we try to avoid. Long story short, we got a fuck load of unplanned baby dinosaurs and many people died. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is, life finds a way…

Matthew Highton: Insufficient Memory
Heroes @ Dragonfly
Aug 2-25, 8.40pm

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