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James Meehan: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 interview

James Meehan is a Panel Prize winner with Funz and Gamez former member of celebrate sketch group Gein’s Fmaily Giftshop. He’s going solo this year, as well as cutting people’s hair.

Hello. How are you today?

I’m good thanks. Currently on my lunch break. I’m teaching American football in a primary school to pay for the Edinburgh Fringe. Never played the game in my life. Its going well.

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Who knows. This year has been a whirlwind so I kind of kept it purposefully vague. In that sense it’s bob on.

Who are you sharing a flat with and how will you help each other survive the month?

Amy Gledhill – Stand-up, one half of The Delightful Sausage, my girlfriend and stone cold legend.

David Callaghan and Richie Brown, two of the most underrated comics in the country.

We will help each other survive by playing board games whilst listening to instrumental soundtracks about dystopian futures.

Any shows you’re excited about seeing?

Loads. I think it’s a cop out though to recommend shows as it’s nearly always a mate. I always say to my audiences, look for a free show, a person that you haven’t heard of, and not someone that has “so and so presents…” at the top of their poster. They have producers, go for a proper unknown, could be awful, but it’ll be an experience.

Either that or Phil Ellis, he really needs the help

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

There is great food in Edinburgh, I eat like a king, daily.

I’m also a qualified barber so I’m cutting the hair of comics this summer.

I’ve also booked in 4 gigs where I just play guitar and sing, not comedy. I’m looking forward to it but not telling anybody as I’m genuinely terrified.

The Fringe’s tagline this year is ‘Into The Unknown’. What do people not know about you?

I got an A* for a poem I wrote in GCSE English. All I did was slightly change the lyrics to Sum 41’s Fat Lip. A simpler time.

I’m bored of all the podcasts I currently subscribe to. Can you recommend me a good one please?

Look out for The Humming Bird Podcast, that’s going to be bloody aces.

In the mean time Norris and Parker have just released a new one and they’re great, so give that a listen.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

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James Meehan: Gaz
Just the Tonic at The Caves
2-26 Aug, 9.45pm

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