Edinburgh Fringe

25 stand-up comedy recommendations for the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Once again Laugh Out London brings you a list of some of the best stand-up comedy shows you will see at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018.

As usual we’ve avoided some of the bigger names and focused on newer/less-established acts who should be among your favourites, if they aren’t already. The shows are listed in chronological order for your convenience.

New for this year is our ‘must-see’ show. In each of our Fringe recommendation categories we will pick one outstanding act that you simply must see (‘it all makes sense!’ – Ed). It’s the one that’s all highlighted below.

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eleanor morton edinburgh fringe 2018

Eleanor Morton

Great Title, Glamorous Photo

Eleanor was one of the highlights of last year’s Fringe for a powerful show that explored her exploding anger as a young woman in world that can be a hostile place for anyone with ovaries. This year she’s looking to reinvent herself as the “sexy, confident comedian she has always secretly probably been”.

Eleanor Morton: Great Title, Glamorous Photo
The Stand
Aug 1-25, 12.05pm

Lou Sanders

Shame Pig

Lou always produces a show packed with original ideas and an unstoppable sense of fun. This year her material takes a more serious approach, tackling shame, sobriety and unrequested sex.

Lou Sanders: Shame Pig
Monkey Barrel
Aug 2-26, 12.30pm

Jessie Cave


Jessie’s last show in 2015 – a heartfelt, hilarious and honest take on being a young mother while still struggling to be an adult – ranks among my favourite Fringe shows ever. Her return is very welcome.

Jessie Cave: Sunrise
The Stand
Aug 3-26, 2.25pm

Grainne Maguire

I Forgive You, Please Like Me

Grainne is in demand as a writer for all the top topical comedy shows, but she’s also a thoughtful and charming stand-up too, making the political accessible.

Grainne Maguire: I Forgive You; Please Like Me
Gilded Balloon Teviot
Aug 1-26, 3.15pm

Bilal Zafar


Bilal is an exciting young comic talent who was nominated for Best Newcomer in 2016 and won the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Award.

Bilal Zafar: Lovebots
The Mash House
Aug 2-26, 3.45pm


Catherine Bohart


Debut hour from this young Irish act who I first saw in an arcade bar in Peckham. She was great then is a safe bet for an assured first outing.

Catherine Bohart: Immaculate
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 4.15pm


Maisie Adam


Maisie – winner of So You Think You’re Funny 2017 – smashed it when she did Laugh Out London earlier this year. We can’t wait to see her first full show.

Maisie Adam: Vague
Gilded Balloon Teviot
Aug 1-27, 4.30pm

Sindhu Vee


Former banker Sindhu is now firmly established on the comedy circuit. 2018 may be her breakthrough year at the Fringe.

Sindhu Vee: Sandhog
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 4.30pm

Luke McQueen


Luke will always be one of our favourite performers. He’s a man who’s not afraid to force himself and the audience out of their comfort zones and create something truly memorable.

Luke McQueen: Monster
The Hive
Aug 2-26, 5pm

Sarah Keyworth

Dark Horse

Another act who’s shown her brilliance at regular LOL nights, Sarah is emerging as a brilliant young voice discussing gender and sexuality in accessible, meaningful and funny ways.

Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 5.30pm

Jamali Maddix


A refreshing voice in comedy who’s gained praised for his Viceland show Hate Thy Neighbour, which has seen him meet many wrong’uns. Expect stories on those travels and astute commentary on modern society.

Jamali Maddix: Vape Lord
Monkey Barrel
Aug 2-26, 6pm

Stevie Martin

Vol 1

As one third of top sketch group Massive Dad, Stevie has already had success and acclaim on the Fringe. This year she’s going it alone.

Stevie Martin: Vol 1
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-27, 6pm

Rose Matafeo


This UK-based New Zealand comic had one of the most acclaimed shows of last year’s festival. This year’s effort has already been nominate for the Barry Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Rose Matafeo: Horndog
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 6.20pm

Daniel Cook


An act I’ve still yet to see, but multiple people excitedly recommended Dan’s debut free show to me last year. He promises to talk his new pet cat. I’m in.

Daniel Cook: Carpet
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 6.45pm

Lauren Pattison


Another breakthrough star of last who managed to sell out her run super early after some top reviews and excitable word-of-mouth. With that momentum behind Lauren will be another favourite this year.

Lauren Pattison: Peachy
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 7pm

Andy Barr


Regular LOL MC Andy had a lovely little show last year that saw Daniel Kitson and Tim Key among its fans. He’s only got better since.

Andy Barr: Neustadt
Black Medicine
Aug 3-26, 7pm

Heidi Regan

Heidi vs Sharks

A very hotly anticipated debut from a comedian who’s already won So You Think You’re Funny and the BBC New Comedy Award.

Heidi Regan vs Sharks
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 7.15pm


My Mistake! The Doors Are Not Open; The Show Has Been Cancelled. Do Not Have Your Tickets Ready!

Our stand-out show of last year, Mat combined technical brilliance and non-stop laughs to create an hour that was both astounding and hilarious. We’re pretty sure he will nail it this year as well.

Mat Ewins: What Sorry? My Mistake! The Doors Are Not Open; The Show Has Been Cancelled. Do Not Have Your Tickets Ready!
The Hive
Aug 2-26, 7.20pm

Sean Morley

I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour

A new favourite at LOL, Sean is an absurd and imaginative new voice in comedy.

Sean Morley: I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour
Aug 2-26, 7.20pm

Jordan Brookes


Jordan is many comedians’ favourite comedian and it was very exciting to see him make something of a breakthrough last year, picking up a very deserved nomination for Best Show from the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards.

Jordan Brookes: Bleed
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 8.30pm

Rosie Jones

15 Minutes

Another act who did a shortened set last year ahead of a debut full hour in 201, Rosie has already shown a knack for mischievous jokes and joyful dickheadery.

Rosie Jones: 15 Minutes
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 8.30pm

Matthew Highton

Insufficient Memory

A very welcome return for one of our favourite Weirdos. Matt tells tall stories that are equally absurd and engrossing. And funny. Very funny.

Matthew Highton: Insufficient Memory
Heroes @ Dragonfly
Aug 2-25, 8.40pm

Darren Harriott


A nominee for Best Newcomer last year, Darren has continued to develop as a comic, blending the political and the personal from an individual perspective.

Darren Harriott: Visceral
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 9.30pm

Micky Overman

Role Model

A nominee for Best Newcomer at the Chortle Awards, Micky has quickly won plaudits since starting out in stand-up. Her show this year focuses on her experiences as a nanny.

Micky Overman: Role Model
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-26, 10.30pm

Michael Clarke


We saw a shorter embryonic version of this show last year and it got us very excited about what young Michael could end up doing. Interactive and anarchic.

Michael Clarke: Felt
Black Medicine
Aug 6-26, 10.45pm

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