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10 reasons to see Eleanor Morton in Angry Young Woman

eleanor morton edinburgh fringe

As an online publication and regular supermarket shoppers, we are no strangers to lists. We could give you multiple reasons why we like them. Maybe in graph form, or even a mind map.

Anyway, great young comic Eleanor Morton knows how to handle a list of her own. So we asked her to give us 10 reasons to see how excellent Edinburgh Fringe show Angry Young Woman when she performs it in London next month.

Eleanor has also arranged the excellent sounding Paul Whitelaw Experience, also in October, bringing together a bunch of very funny women that one Scotsman critic (and Lolly Award winner) had unnecessary disdain for.

10. It’s at The Bill Murray, an excellent venue, near the tube, with a wide selection of craft ales (note to self: Google ‘craft ales’)

9. The show involves the three golden Fs of comedy: Fun, Feminism and Free (£5 to reserve a ticket)

8. Actual genuine candle snuffer belonging to Samuel Pepys will be on show throughout.

7. Great reviews: ‘Smart, biting and Funny’ (The Wee Review, four stars)
‘Very funny’ (Young Perspective, four stars)
‘Well written, plenty of laughs’ (One4Review, four stars)
“A thoroughly enjoyable hour of accomplished and skillful stand-up” The Skinny

6. White free-style rapping about audience-suggested historical events WILL occur

5. The ONLY London outing for this show.

4. Show will include a ten-minute guest spot from the cast of Les Mis, singing the songs from Wicked in the costumes from Matilda.

3. Jean-Claude Junckers’s face has appeared in a paint smudge at the back of the stage-prayers and offerings welcome.

2. I’ll be baking and handing out rye knotbread throughout.

1. If I don’t get 40+ people down, The Bill Murray will break my legs. They are the Krays of the comedy world. Please, please help.

Eleanor Morton: Angry Young Woman
The Bill Murray, Angel
Sunday 8 October, 6pm
PWYW or £5 to reserve a seat

The Paul Whitelaw Experience
The Bill Murray, Angel
Thursday 12 October, 9.45pm

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