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Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards 2017

Laugh Out london Comedy awards 2017It’s that time again. The Edinburgh Fringe is almost over. The pubs of Scotland’s capital can go back to being pubs; Lee Nelson’s face can stop blocking the view of Edinburgh Castle; and the Edinburgh recycling plant will be busy turning flyers into mulch.

So without further ado let’s give out the least prestigious awards of the year, the Laugh Out London Comedy awards (or the LOLies)…

Best lolly

There was no return for previous winner Lolly Adefope this year. Of those in attendance, Mark Dean Quinn once again used icy treats in his show “Heart on a Plate”. However, Lolly Jones performed “Orwell that Ends Well” which we did not see but her name is Lolly so she wins it. Well done Lolly.

Least wanted guest at a house party

James Nesbitt, Johnny White knows why.

Best use of string

Special nod to Michael Clarke who definitely had the sexiest use of string this yet, but Joz Norris went the whole hog and trapped himself in it. For this dedication to string we salute him.

Best telephone

Lucy Pearman’s telephone, while hilarious, is disqualified as it is not actually a telephone. Kat Bond’s telephone made of loo roll is the right call to make.

Best hair

Tom Walker

Best pre-show music

Andy Barr’s unsettling exotica music set the scene for the strange world we were about to enter. Helen Duff’s had some Thundercat in it. However any pre-show playlist that has New Order, Modern Lovers, Orange Juice and Magnetic Fields in it has our indie boy hearts racing. Congrats David McIver!

Most delicious pre-show ritual

Andy Barr’s pre-show espresso Martini. Thankfully he was in the Dragonfly rather than the Hive where such a drink could be deadly.

Best show

The one category that we take very seriously. Boy it’s been a good year. Rose Matafeo, Mae Martin and John Robins really impressed us in previews. John Kearns came back the the Fringe with a show every bit as good as his previous two. Jordan Brookes’ show was a magnificent set of twists and turns. Spencer Jones was so good again! Hannah Gadbsy was heartbreaking. Trevor Lock was exhilirating. But…

Mat Ewins Just pips it for us. An hour of sheer silliness and joy; plus anyone who makes their own computer game must win something in these awards.

Best photo

Tony Law dances to Joz Norris Harmoica playing while Eleanor Morton delivers some history during “Tony Law’s History Tour”.


Continuing annoying trend from last year

Twitter reviews. Stop it, you are not a journalist.

Best use of small plastic hands

Sadly there was no return to this emerging art form for previous contenders Joz Norris and Zach and Viggo. Thankfully, however, Spencer Jones picked up the baton in a masterclass of small plastic hand performance.

Best individual performance

There were a lot of amazing showcases of talent and originality this year. However, standing tall above them all was Cassie Atkinson’s tongue in the sketch show Northern Power Blouse where it demonstrated an incredible dexterity and gift for comic timing.

Greatest number of people called Tom in a room

At Trevor Lock’s show at Bannerman’s Wednesday 23rd August where there were an amazing 5 Toms in attendance. Although one kept his name hidden for most of the show for suspicious reasons.

Reviewer who seems to hate funny young women

Paul Whitelaw for The Scotsman who sunk the paper’s arts coverage to a new low with angry diatribes that told the reader more about his mental state than the performance itself.

Most passionate kiss I had this year

With Michael Clarke on some tarpaulin. Call me Michael.

Best newcomer

Mr Fry Up in Marny Godden’s One Tooth. Hopefully this stand-out performer will have his own hour next year.

Best serving suggestion

Only one contender for this. Adam Larter’s tip to serve corn on a child is something everyone will be trying this year.

Most Fringe-y Fringe Moment

The Big Bastard Burglary Benefit. Nice people got robbed, people club together to put on a fundraiser, nice acts agree to do it (Stu Goldsmith, James Acaster, Daniel Kitson, Yuriko Kotani, Bob Slayer, Lucy Hopkins, Tim Key and John Kearns), raised the money back for nice people. Nice.

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Best Pick of the Fringe show

Laugh Out London’s Pick of the Fringe – September 11

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