Edinburgh Fringe comedy recommendations

10 alternative comedy recommendations for the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Hopefully you’ve caught up with our lists of the best stand-up, sketch/character/clown, free, international and theatre shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017.

However, there are some shows that defy categorisation, unable to fit comfortably into the arbitrary ones we have already covered.

This is where this list comes in, as we bring you 10 comedy show recommendations at the Fringe that should prove to be a unique experience, whether they be game shows, cabarets or experiences in a shed.

mark dean quinn edfringe

Mark Dean Quinn

You Win, You Lose

Mark Dean Quinn is one of the great unsung heroes of the alternative comedy scene, managing to be one of its most supportive players while creating subtle shows of real ingenuity and individuality. In these three special shows Mark offers audience members the chance to win £500. He also promises cakes, chips, incredible lighting effects, sweets and giant cuddly toys. What a way to spend an afternoon.

Mark Dean Quinn: You Win, You Lose
The Hive
13, 14, 22 Aug, 1.15pm

iraq and out loud edinburgh fringe

Iraq and Out Loud

Iraq Out & Loud: We Read the Chilcot Report (Documentary)

Last year Bob Slayer and several other very special people did a great thing and organised a non-stop reading of the Chilcot Report, the report into the Iraq War. This is a documentary of that experience.

Iraq Out & Loud: We Read the Chilcot Report (Documentary)
Bob’s Blundabus
7-19 Aug, every 30 mins from 4pm to 7pm

happy shed edinburgh fringe

What’s in the Happy Shed?

Right by Bob Slayer’s now famous Blundabus by Teviot Place there is a shed. In that shed this year between 5pm and 9pm there will a multitude of surprise performances from various acts at this year’s Fringe. Who knows what will be in there? We’re excited to find out.

What’s in the Happy Shed?
Bob’s Blundabus
5-26 Aug, every hour 5pm to 9pm

margaret thatcher game show edinburgh fringe

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Game Shows

After dazzling all in a turn as the Queen of Soho, Maggie is back with a gameshow that promises to be a fantastically fabulous antidote to austerity.

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Game Shows
Assembly George Sq
3-27 Aug, 9pm

hell to play edinburgh fringe
Hell to Play: End of Times

Alexander Bennett’s devilish show has been a hit on the free Fringe and has now moved to a bigger venue for what will likely be a slicker, sicker show. Every night, Satan tests audiences and guest comedians in games set by the souls of the damned.

Hell to Play: End of Times
New Town Theatre
2-27 Aug, 9.45pm

mark watson edinburgh fringe

Mark Watson’s Festival of Bad Ideas

Beloved comic Mark Watson asked many of his comedy chums “What show would you like to put on, but never dare?”. This is the result. The only one we have confirmed so far is Thom Tuck singing the Mountain Goats. More will be announced on Mark’s Twitter feed: @watsoncomedian.

Mark Watson’s Festival of Bad Ideas
Pleasance Courtyard
15-27 Aug, 10.45pm

goose game show edinburgh fringe

Goose the Game Show

Another game show from a great comedy performer. Goose is one of the most high energy, exhilarating sketch experiences at the Fringe. We imagine these two competitions will be just as fun.

Goose the Game Show
Assembly George Sq
24-25 Aug, 11pm


phil nichol edinburgh fringe

Phil Nichol

The Asylum

Phil Nichol is a Fringe legend and he’s back hosting a special late night cabaret at Edinburgh’s newest venue ending up with a live DJ playing the most bizarre tracks he can find.

Phil Nichol: The Asylum
Monkey Barrel
3-26 Aug (Thu-Sat only), 11.50pm

acms edinburgh fringe

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS)

On those days when Phil Nichol’s Asylum isn’t on, ACMS continues being the best mixed-bill night at the Fringe, encouraging experimental acts to be their most experimental.

Monkey Barrel
3-26 Aug (Sun-Wed only), 11.50pm

elvis dead edinburgh fringe

The Elvis Dead

Maybe the show we’re most excited about at this year’s festival. Rob Kemp performs a one-man version of The Evil Dead interpreted via the songs of Elvis Presley. This will work. It’s already won best show at Leicester Comedy Festival and Bob Slayer raves about it. We trust Bob, most of the time.

The Elvis Dead
Monkey Barrel
3-27 Aug, midnight

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