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Thom Tuck: Edinburgh Fringe 2017 interview

Thom Tuck edinburgh fringe

Edinburgh Festival veteran Thom Tuck is back with another solo show. It contains free blasphemy and guaranteed stupidity.

Hello. How are you today?

I am a little frazzled. Am currently on a theatre tour that ends mid-July and am only ever at home for two days at a time. And I have the swirling final writing strands of my new show braiding themselves together in my head. It’s an exciting time in the life of a show as it still might yet be anything on the scale from incredible to embarrassing; the possibilities are endless.

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

To answer this, I present an annotated blurb:

Thom Tuck(1) returns for his sixteenth(2) consecutive Fringe with his fourth(3) stand-up(4) show. Containing free blasphemy(5) and guaranteed stupidity(6), Tuck takes on sacred cows(7) and, most probably, gets his bum out(8). Best Newcomer Nominee 2011(9), one third of The Penny Dreadfuls(10) and star(11) of his own Radio 4 show: Thom Tuck Goes Straight-to-DVD. Not for the stupid or the faint-minded(12). ‘A seductive experience’ (Guardian). ‘An exquisite hour of comedy’ ( ‘The next David Mitchell’ (Mail on Sunday). ‘A little icky’ (Independent). ‘Ostentatiously erudite’ (Fest). ‘Especially’ (Telegraph).

(1) my real name.
(2) seventeenth in total.
(3) the first one, in 2011, saw me nominated ‘Best Newcomer’.
(4) square peg, round hole.
(5) dependent on scriptural interpretation.
(6) undeniable.
(7) this is the first line that might not strictly be true.
(8) i did not in my most recent preview, but this was cowardice.
(9) ahem.
(10) thrown out of comedy awards.
(11) had all of the lines.
(12) may also be, at points, unsuitable for those that write letters.

Have the momentous events of 2016 affected your comedy in any way?

I talk about patriotism, nationalism, religion and the lack of nuance in modern public discussion. So, no… you Hitler.

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

It’s just me and my girlfriend. Which is lovely. And we’re very central so we will be cooking loads at home and nipping back during the day to escape. I think that often helps: having a bolthole to which you can escape.

Any shows you’re particularly excited about seeing?

I have not had a proper comb through the Fringe guide yet (seventy years of ever increasing paper wastage!), but off the top of my head: Pascoe, Hess, Ahir, Maxwell, Barry Crimmins, Joz, Fern, Brunström, Legge, Doody, Helm and all my Toms: Allen, Ballard, Crosbie, Deacon, Goodliffe, Mayhew, Neenan, Skelton, Stade, Toal, Walker and Ward!

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

I am involved with Mark Watson’s Festival of Bad Ideas, and am looking forward to seeing as many of those as possible. It’s a different, untried show every night. I’m doing “Thom Tuck Sings the Mountain Goats” on the 18th. So I am looking forward to having a band!

What celebrity death hit you the hardest in 2016 (mine was Wogan)?

Probably Prince, to be honest. I think that it came after Bowie really impacted me. It was quite the one-two. He was superhuman.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Free entry to my show “An August Institution” with an offering of make-up.

Thom Tuck: An August Institution
3-27 Aug, 3pmpm

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