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Otto & Astrid: Edinburgh Fringe 2017 interview

die roten punkte edinburgh fringe

Otto and Astrid of Fringe heroes Die Roten Punkte return to perform unashamedly slick, Eurovision-inspired pop. Astrid provides the As to our Qs.

Hello. How are you today?

I am super and great! I have already eaten two sausages and one cake so it’s hard to imagine the day getting much better unless Iggy Pop or Pelle Almqvist comes over for beers!

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

If it says this….”a glorious explosion of rock n roll chaos mixed with outer space dance moves and bendy legs”  then we’re right on track!

Have the momentous events of 2016 affected your act in any way?

I saw Prince perform only a couple of months before he passed away and he was dancing so brilliantly that I will be allowing his royal purpleness to infuse my body for every show in Edinburgh!

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

Otto and I are sharing an apartment with the amazing duo who perform Children Are Stinky (Malia Walsh and Chris Carlos) their show is early every day and we are late in the evening so we’re just sharing two beds the whole festival and taking turns.

Any shows you’re particularly excited about seeing?

I’m looking forward to seeing Wild Bore at The Traverse, I’ve heard they literally talk OUT of their asses and I can’t wait!

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Last time in Edinburgh I discovered a little absinthe bar and once I discovered that place I was not only their best customer but I basically moved in. Otto had to send out a search party to find me in time for our show! I will be trying to find that bar again…

What celebrity death hit you the hardest in 2016 (mine was Wogan)?

What is a Wogan? Is that like a Womble? Mine and Otto’s was of course David Bowie – we sing about him in our show Eurosmash! The pain is still tangible.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

I am having a custom built drum riser made for me by a local Edinburgh carpenter who asked me what I would be doing on it, I sent him a video and he hasn’t responded now for two weeks, so if anyone knows a local carpenter…?

Otto & Astrid – Eurosmash! by Die Roten Punkte
Underbelly Cowgate
3-27 Aug, 10.10pm

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