Edinburgh Fringe

17 free comedy recommendations for the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

As ever, this year’s Edinburgh Fringe has plenty of comedy shows for those people who don’t have a lot of money. And even for those of us who are just a bit tight.

We’ve compiled some of the best free comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2017 in this handy list below. Although they may be free to get in, there is always the option to donate at the end.

peter brush edinburgh fringe

Peter Brush

A Worm’s Guide to Immortality

Brush has been something of an underground hit the past couple of Festivals, with joyful shows of silliness and wit. This year he tries to contact the dead.

Peter Brush: A Worm’s Guide to Immortality
Banshee Labyrinth
5-27 Aug, 12.50pm

laurence owen time machine edinburgh fringe

Laurence Owen and Lindsay Sharman

The Time Machine

The very talented Laurence Owen has carved out a niche for himself in recent years, combining his skills of comedy and music to create superb musical parodies that match anything that’s on the West End. This year he’s recreating HG Well’s classic novel The Time Machine in musical form. The show also features his lovely wife and great comedian Lindsay Sharman.

The Time Machine
Voodoo Rooms
5-27 Aug, 1.45pm

eleanor tiernan edinburgh fringe

Eleanor Tiernan

People Pleaser

Irish comic Eleanor has a show about the difficulties of turning down favour requests. We can relate.

Eleanor Tiernan: People Pleasure
Banshee Labyrinth
5-27 Aug, 3.10pm

Anna Morris Edinburgh Fringe

Anna Morris


Anna’s found acclaim in the past couple of years for her character Georgina the Bride, a high maintenance monster celebrating her wedding day. Georgina is back along with three other women competing at the Woman of the Year Award.

Anna Morris: Bitchelors
Voodoo Rooms
5-27 Aug, 3.10pm

chris coltrane edinburgh fringe

Chris Coltrane

Make Love and Smash Facism

One of the best political comics of this, or indeed any generation, Chris is your go-to source for Tory bashing this Fringe. Expect powerful points intelligently made, great jokes and a tinge of the surreal.

Chris Coltrane: Make Love and Smash Facism
Banshee Labyrinth
5-27 Aug, 3.30pm (and 5-14 Aug, 11.30pm)

northern power blouse edinburgh fringe

Northern Power Blouse

Northern Power Blouse

It’s about time the Fringe had a sketch group of three northern women. Members include Kat Butterfield, Charlotte Pearson and Cassie Atkinson, who has shown in the latest Weirdos productions, including a star turn as Professor McGonagall in the comedy collective’s Harry Potter spoofs.

Northern Power Blouse
5-26 Aug, 3.45pm

michael legge caroline mabey edinburgh fringe

Michael Legge and Caroline Mabey

Two Stupids

Take one angry man from Northern Ireland and one of the most surreal women in comedy and you get what the blurb describes as “horrifying, stupid, messy, stupid, shambolic, stupid, convoluted nonsense”.

Michael Legge & Caroline Mabey are Two Stupids
The Free Sisters
16-27 Aug, 3.45pm

carmen lynch edinburgh fringe

Carmen Lynch


Carmen Lynch is making her UK debut after a string of high profile slots on all the big U.S. late night shows. Her blurb describes her show as “twisted, singular stand-up comedy, which frequently dips into the dark side”. Sounds good to us.

Carmen Lynch: Lynched
The Counting House
3-27 Aug, 4pm

tash goldstone edinburgh fringe

Tash Goldstone and Sam Lake


Tash was a revelation in last year’s show from Beth Vyse, playing the daughter of Beth’s monstrous creation Olive Hands, taking to the seas in a show of absolute chaos. By all accounts, Tash is a top oddball stand-up too. We’ve not seen Sam before, but we imagine he’ll be very good too.

Tash Goldstone and Sam Lake: Queens
52 Canoes
5-26 Aug, 4.15pm

jordan brookes edinburgh fringe

Jordan Brookes

Body of Work

One of our favourite discoveries of recent years, Jordan came to a lot of people’s attention in 2015 with a show that was an underground hit. He followed this up with an even better show in 2016 that blended confessional material with an absurd attitude and a glorious physicality.

Jordan Brookes: Body of Work
Finnegan’s Wake
3-27 Aug, 6.15pm

alexander bennett edinburgh fringe

Alexander Bennett

Terrifying Smile

A stalwart of the London alternative comedy circuit, Alexander is always an imaginative and original performer.

Alexander Bennett: Terrifying Smile
5-26 Aug, 6.15pm

sean mcloughlin Edinburgh fringe

Sean McLoughlin

You Can’t Ignore Me Forever

Another young act who has been building up a lot of acclaim for his thoughtful, strong storytelling than can have a lasting impact.

Sean McLoughlin: You Can’t Ignore Me Forever
City Cafe
3-26 Aug, 6.45pm


hilda and the spectrum edinburgh fringe

Elf Lyons and Ryan Lane

Hilda and the Spectrum

Two clowns tell an “absurd, camp comedy about ping-pong, the DDR and Angela Lansbury”. What’s not to like?

Hilda and the Spectrum
Voodoo Rooms
5-28 Aug, 7.50pm

mae martin edinburgh fringe

Mae Martin


This young Canadian has had a more eventful life than most, including experiences with addiction. This year she explores the concept of pursuing such short-term pleasure. Expect to be charmed and enlightened.

Mae Martin: Dope
City Cafe
3-27 Aug, 8pm

sarah keyworth edinburgh fringe

Sarah Keyworth

Why Not?

A debut 40 minute show for one of the country’s most promising young comedians. Sarah smashed her first Laugh Out London last year, showcasing real wit, endearing charisma and a fresh voice speaking for Generation Y.

Sarah Keyworth: Why Not?
Ciao Roma
5-27 Aug, 9.35pm

Consignia Edinburgh Fringe



Alternative Act of the Year 2016 winners Consignia love brutalism and loath convention. This could be 2017’s strangest comedy show.

Consignia’s Panopticon
The Mockingbird
8-15 Aug, 11.30pm

sensitive bricks cement time edinburgh fringe

Sensitive Bricks and the Cement of Time

Sensitive Bricks and the Cement of Time

A mixed bill of six clowns, character acts and comedians that promise a late night show you won’t forget. Julia Masli, Luke Rollason, Christian Brighty, Louise Reay and The Duncan Brothers are the acts who will take you through into the very early morning.

Sensitive Bricks and the Cement of Time
The Newsroom
3-27 Aug, 12.30am

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