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Eleanor Morton: Edinburgh Fringe 2017 interview

eleanor morton edinburgh fringe

From her early shows that incorporate more elements of music-based whimsy, Eleanor is really emerging as a strong, politicised voice with important things to say. Especially about avocados.

Hello. How are you today?

I’m good thank you. I hate summer but what can you do.

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Pretty close, I’ve kept it vague: I’m angry and I’m a woman. That has not changed over the last few months. Oh, and it’s still funny.

Have the momentous events of 2016 affected your comedy in any way?

Yeah. All of it was shit, but the bits I’m talking about are how frustrating it is being a woman in 2017. Every tiny everyday event can remind you how 51% of the Earth’s population is considered inferior, and it’s making me grind my teeth down to stumps. Also there’s been a rise in the popularity of avocados as a health food, and so obviously I have to address the problems I have with that. It’s divisive material to say the least.

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

I’m staying with my family, so it’ll mostly be me, my siblings  and my boyfriend. When (fellow comedian) Joz Norris stayed with my sister last year she made him watch Hellraiser and the Saw series, I don’t think it was good for his nerves.

Any shows you’re particularly excited about seeing?

Oh boy, here we go: any and all of the Weirdos and Comedian’s Cinema Club members, Joz Norris, Fern Brady, Matt Winning, much from The Stand and acts like Vladimir Mctavish, Adam Larter, Cassie Atkinson, Sooz Kempner, Seymour Mace, Gavin Webster, Pat Cahill, John Kearns, Luke McQueen and I’m seeing Regina Spektor but I don’t think that counts. And lots of other people I can’t  remember right now, but it’s not like they’ll mention and this is the whole point of this bit anyway. #notevenborthered #traitors

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Well LOL boys, as I never tire of telling anyone, Edinburgh is my home town. So I’m looking forward to bumping into old teachers and getting passive aggressive when comedians refer to Edinburgh like they know it really well YOU DON’T I DO GO AWAY ITS MINE STOP  SMEARING YOUR MUCKY PAWS OVER MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. And I’m a big fan of Mary’s Milk Bar.

What celebrity death hit you the hardest in 2016 (mine was Wogan)?

Victoria Wood and Carrie Fisher. They were way too young and I loved them.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Come to my show or I’ll crush your windpipe like a coke can.

Eleanor Morton: Angry Young Woman
The Stand
2-27 Aug, 12.05pm

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