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Turtle Canyon Comedy’s comedy binge

Settle down at your desk/sofa/bed/inflatable Shamu in a swimming pool in Florida and watch some great new comedy from those turtle legends at Turtle Canyon Comedy. Instead of drip-feeding all their comedy over many weeks they’ve gone hell for leatherback and given us a giant turtle dump of brilliant new comedy to watch.

Twelve films and 33 comedians make up the playlist that they’re trying to promote using the hashtag #turtleandchill. We’ve watched it all and it’s over an hour of funny and unique comedy but here are our picks if you’ve only got time for a quick dip in the comedy sea.

Hope you come up here

Ian Smith has been a mainstay on the comedy circuit for years now and is a reliably funny and original voice but this three-part web series really shows what a brilliant comedian he is.

His video is an homage/parody/direct copy of the old TV travel show Wish You Were Here but set in Ian’s hometown of Goole and starring Terence Smith (no relation to Ian), the youngest mayor in the UK at just 20 years old. It’s laugh out loud funny throughout and the sign off at the end of each show will put tears in your eyes.

The Memory Games

We all know John Kearns is one of the funniest around, but if you also add Luke McQueen and Lizzie Daykin alongside him then to be honest, it doesn’t really matter what the script is because it’ll definitely be hilarious. “What you call me?” 😅😅😅

Sat navs will us… (in 360 VR)

Never watched a 360 video before so this was like living in the future: if you watch this on your phone and then move the phone around it’ll move the camera around and you can look wherever you want. Which is mind-blowing, to be honest we didn’t really pay much attention to the actual sketch the first time we watched it because it was just fun to look around a car we weren’t driving.

Then we paid attention to the sketch and it’s a fast-paced, stupid sketch with a great cast all being super funny – especially Lynn Ruth Miller looking like she has no idea what’s happening.

Robert Johnson and the Devil Man

We saw this at it’s public premiere a few months ago and it went down so well with the audience at the screening that we know it’s going to find a great audience now it’s released online. It’s a mysterious, moody and funny short film that puts a new spin on the “selling your soul to the devil” trope. Top acting work from David Mills and LOL-fave Joz Norris (who also wrote it). Take a wild guess which of those plays the Prince of Darkness

If you like them then do watch the entire playlist, some absolute gems on there from Ed Gamble, James Acaster, Suzi Ruffell, Annie McGrath, Evelyn Mok and I Am Wario.

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