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Interview: New comedy Plane Spotters takes to the air

Plane spotters Laugh Out London InterviewPlane Spotters is the latest comedy release from Turtle Canyon Comedy, it’s a spoof of a reality TV show, in a world where it seems like everyone is the subject of their own show. Plane spotting is the latest niche that TV is hoping will be a smash hit and they’ve trained their cameras on a group who love the hobby.

Turns out that plane spotting is not all that interesting, so the producers throw some new plane spotters into the mix, hobbyists who bring more than just a love of planes…

To find out more about the show we interviewed Stuart Laws, the comedian who created the show and is in it. He also answers as the fictional producer of the show. We didn’t ask him to do that.

Why Plane spotters?
Fictional Producer: I think the reason we targeted plane spotters was because it has such a sexy, glamorous reputation amongst the general public – they’re mysterious, they spend the whole day in the sunshine getting tanned and they are aspirational for that 18-30 demographic who respond to advertising.

Stuart Laws: I used to go to airfields a lot when I was younger and enjoyed seeing them sweet aircraft. My Dad had a part ownership of a Cessna, I believe that’s what people did in the 80s: 50 people chip in for a light aircraft and then book in when they wanna go joyflying.

What is plane spotting?
SL: It’s the act of seeing a plane. And then, aside from that, making YouTube vlogs or writing it down in a notebook. Watching plane spotting videos is really relaxing, I recommend it.

FP: A thing people do in between trying to get off with each other, lying and cheating and beating each other up.

Plane spotters Laugh Out London Interview cast
How was the show developed and filmed?
FP: Well, we knew we wanted drama so we made sure that would happen. Aside from that we shot it on two hi-res cameras from wide angles so that the real emotion wasn’t affected by cameras being in their faces. We then zoomed in in post production to capture the tears and the punches.

SL: Developed the idea as a documentary for a few years and always planned to have Harriet Kemsley as the lead plane spotter. Then watched some of Made in Chelsea and realised what an amazing format that is for comedy. “Structured reality” is where the real people are given lines to say, or storylines to pursue, and I hadn’t seen a proper comedy show using that format. So we met the cast one on one to discuss characters, then got together in groups to work out responses to story ideas. Then we had a rehearsal day where we ran the loose idea of the story and I broke it down in to distinct scenes. Took the ideas from the rehearsal and wrote up a more detailed script that was still open to improvisation on the filming day, hopefully giving the performers a freedom to be their own character and respond genuinely to each other. Then I asked Matt Winning to do the maddest Scottish accent he, as a Scot, could do for the voiceover.

The show has a great cast, tell us why you got them together?
FP: Well, the core group were picked to be relatable but the three new plane spotters were sexy, compelling and great on camera so they had to be there. The drama they bring to the group is incredible – love triangles, exposing lies and getting a stunning revelation from our group.

SL: The cast is superb, have worked with all of them before and knew they’d be ideal for such a show. They’re a combination of brilliant actors and comedians who all bring different approaches to their character. I think a good balance of performers who perhaps haven’t acted together before and those who have is important. It was the aim that everyone would have the chance to be funny, to contribute to their character and I think they all nailed that.

The first of two episodes is available below, episode two to follow on March 29th

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