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Interview: Alternative act of the year Consignia


Consignia: Andy Barr, Nathan Willcock & Phil Jarvis (Jason Bridge not pictured)

On Sunday 5th February, winners of 2016 Alternative New Comedian of the Year Consignia headline and curate an afternoon of free alternative comedy at the Bill Murray in Angel.

The group is comprised of Andy Barr, Phil Jarvis Nathan Willcock and ‘newcomer’ Jason Bridge. We had booked an interview with all four of them but when we turned up,only ‘newcomer’ Jason Bridge was there.


Consignia newcomer Jason Bridge in action.

Hi Jason Bridge, how are you?

Hi, erm the other three aren’t coming but they’ve given me strict instructions to only answer your questions with bits of Consignia’s manifesto.

Oh, right OK, well tell us about your upcoming gig at The Bill Murray in Angel.

Aesthetic art is complicit in the subjugation of the working class as it provides a gloss and pacifies – all art should be ugly. All art should be Consignia.

Erm, I heard that also performing at that gig is Edinburgh nominated Ben Target?

Art is dead. Socialism is dead. Comedy is dead. Consignia can do nothing but mourn

Well I was going to ask…

Oh hang on, I just got a text from Phil correcting that particular article in the manifesto he says “Not mourn. Consignia dances on the graveyard of bourgeois comedy.”

Right, OK. Also performing is Lucy Pearman, one half of acclaimed sketch group Let Luce and Sean Morley, who has been heard on both Radio 4 and Radio 2, making a rare London appearance.

When in doubt: lads out.
Oads lut
No Edd Balls
This page is left intentionally blank
More concrete
Less punchlines
Bourgeois democracy replaced by a rotating randomly selected members of the public. Real democracy.
We believe in total theatre. Create an atmosphere where even every aspect of the performance is designed to work against the performers. No easy rides.


A typical Consignia gig

So, in theory people could come and see four hours of comedy for free, on a Sunday afternoon, that’s a pretty good deal. Who does anything on a Sunday afternoon. Are you happy that Angel Comedy gave you this opportunity?

Violence is inherent in all parts of the system, power is everywhere, we are all obliged to not be zombies in the class struggle, that’s clause 34 point 5. Clause 34 point 6 is simply ‘Tits.’

Tell us about the name ‘Consignia’ how did you come up with that?

Pam Ayres must return to Radio 2 before our Edinburgh run is finished. Listening to a cheap keyboard is acceptable.

On the subject of Edinburgh, your show ‘The Abridged Dapper Eleven Hour Monochrome Dream Show’ gained a bit of a cult following at the festival, you’re performing it at Angel and then again at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday 25th. Then is that it for this show. Is this the one and only London performance?

Yes, also Mass communication must be overtaken and the baby boomer generation’s ideas and values replaced with a culture that reflects the anger the working classes have had to endue for too long

What next for Consignia? 

No to sketches! Yes to dreams! Down with labels within the comedy industry.

So An afternoon of free alternative comedy kicks off at 2pm on Sunday 5th February and features sets by member of the Weirdos Collective Andy Barr, Chortle Student Runner Up Nathan Willcock, Lucy Pearman, Sean Morley, Ben Target and Consignia. And it’s completely free?!

Andrew Neil is the smarmy balm of a decadent fart that is sometimes called society

So Jason, what about you anything else you’d like to mention?

Yes actually my debut show ‘We’ll cross that Bridge when we come to it.’ is at the Soho Theatre in April before going on tour, then I’ll be starting my new show ‘Jason Bridge over the River Kwai’ in Edinburgh from the 1st to the 27th August at the Pleasance Cubicle.

Great, thanks for that Jason and say hello to the other Consignia boys from me.

laugh out london mr sheen

Fascist Killer

This Mr Sheen kills fascists.

Quite. Incidentally, how many pages of that manifesto are there?

About 700, but most of them are left intentionally blank.

Consignia headline a free afternoon of Alternative Comedy at The Bill Murray in Islington with Ben Target, Lucy Pearman and Sean Morley.

An afternoon of free alternative comedy, The Bill Murray In Islington, Sunday 5th February, 1:45pm – 6pm

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