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Interview: Dan from Next Up on developing the Netflix of stand-up comedy


We have been glued to our laptops and smartphones the past couple of weeks thanks to Next Up, a new streaming service that promises to be the Netflix of stand-up comedy. It’s filled to the brim with great shows from rising stars and regulars on the comedy circuit.

We’ve already posted our tips on what to watch first, including some great shows from the Edinburgh Fringe. We thought we’d get some insight from the team behind the service, however. Luckily, Dan from Next Up was at hand to answer our questions.

Hi Dan, how did Next Up all come about?

Hi guys, It came about because we knew so many people who love stand-up comedy but often struggle to see live shows in person due to ticket availability, location or timing.

We also kept going to the Edinburgh Fringe and witnessing hundreds of incredible comedy shows which comedians had taken all year to perfect, just disappearing after the festival.

I have to say I’ve been really enjoying it so far, whats the response been like?

The response has been lovely! We’ve had so many positive messages from comedy fans who are discovering new acts and reliving their faves.

I was at a few of the recordings, and they had an incredible atmosphere in the room. But what’s been the most challenging thing about filming and editing the shows?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them! We entrusted the filming and editing to Stuart Laws and Turtle Canyon Comedy who did an epic job and luckily took most of the stress away (thanks Turtles!). Barry, Sarah, Dec and Rachel from Angel comedy also made things super easy for us and were very supportive from the start (we filmed there for 5 days!).

The way the shows have been filmed feels a truer reflection of actual stand up gigs compared to what you see on TV. Is this something you were conscious of when filming?

Definitely. We were really keen to translate the feeling of a comedy club to a digital audience – TV specials are great, but can sometimes feel a bet sterile. In lots of our edits, we’ve kept in some amazing and really funny moments which I think would’ve been lost if produced for more traditional platforms.


Marcel Lucont during his live recording at The Bill Murray pub in Angel

What’s the feedback been like from the comics?

It’s been incredibly positive, they’ve loved having their work preserved and showcased to a worldwide audience of comedy fans.

There are still a few shows “in the can”, what have you got coming up?

There’s loads more to come,we just filmed Hal Cruttenden at the Leicester Square Theatre who was hilarious.

I was delighted be in the audience of Ben Target’s show from 2012 (a personal favourite). Are there any plans to get other comics to perform “classic” shows?

100%. Ben’s show is as funny today as it was in 2012 and there’s plenty of others that have stood the test of time which we’re looking to resurrect and allow a new audience to enjoy.


Ben Target’s show has just been added to Next Up’s selection.

Out of all the shows on the service, which is your personal favourite?

That’s a really tough question. I don’t have a favourite show but two of my favourite bits are Colin Hoult’s character Nick Crippen and Jordan Brookes’ middle finger routine.

Start your one month free trial with Next Up

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