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Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards 2016

LOLies 2016

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is almost over and it’s award season already, so to misqoute the Sex Pistols nevermind the if.comeddies it’s the Laugh Out London Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards 2016 (or LOLlies as they are affectionately known)!

Best Awards created for publicity purposes

Will Franken, narrowly just beating us.

Best use of a box

Joz Norris who took the Fringe by storm by jumping out of a box screaming “Hello men”

Best newcomer

Tom Crowley’s father Father Christopher Hardy who stormed it as the MC vicar of the glorious wedding of Bec Hill and Gavin Innes at the Gilded Balloon, more than holding his own when faced with an audience full of comedians. Particular mention must go to the reference to pruney lemon faces. Magical stuff and we hope to see him back with a full hour next year. Also, Bec and Gav’s wedding deserves a special mention as being one of the most wonderful Fringe days ever! Congrats guys.

Photo of the Fringe

Marny Godden reading the Chilcot report in character.


Most Annoying Trend

Twitter based reviews. A year of hard work writing and previewing to create an hour-long show can’t really be condensed into 140 characters. Unless you’re the Fringe Dog. Then we’re just amazed a dog can access social media and use a keyboard effectively.

Best case of mistaken identity

A reviewer from the prestigious Arts Awards Voice turning up at The Hive to see Tim Renkow (a comedian with cerebral palsy specialising in thoughtful, dark humour) and mistakenly reviewing Paul Currie (a high energy nonsense merchant who can sometimes be spotted throwing his fliers onto the street after mistakenly thinking a rat is in his trolley).

Best Lolly

Lolly Adefope. Again, two years in a row! Sadly no return for the Irn Bru ice lollies that seem to have disappeared from newsagent freezers.

Best merchandise

Fin Taylor’s “Make Edinburgh Great Again” hats. Michael Brunstrom’s beach balls with an image of Constable’s Hay Wain painting are a close second though.

Best use of a small, plastic hand

Some great work from again from Joz Norris for his little man, but this has to go to Zach and Viggo for their lovely clowning show at the Underbelly. Overall, it was a real breakthrough year for small, plastic hands in comedy, with the issue apparent in many of the more exciting Fringe shows. It was great to see so many acts tackling this powerful theme, seeing the poignancy and relevance in small, plastic hands at this moment in time. I only hope it leads to more shows featuring small, plastic hands in the future.

Panel Prize

The winner of LOLlie for Panel Prize goes to the control panel for the lights at the Ghillie Dhu, our lovely venue for Harry Potter and the Disappointing Aftermath (An Unofficial Sequel). It was easy to use and looked real nice.

Ghillie Dhu

The Weirdos in the Ghillie Dhu (Control Panel not pictured)

Best chant

Thom Tuck during the ACMS pub quiz for “Don’t disrupt the quiz! Don’t disrupt the quiz! Don’t disrupt the quiz! Or the quiz it disrupt you! Or the quiz it disrupt you!”.

Best antidote to comedy

“Sirqus Alfon: I Am Somebody” was like having happy juice directly injected into your central nervous system. In a way, very similar to heroin.

Sweatbox of the year

This almost went to Stand 4 for making you feel like you are at your nan’s house and she has the heating full blast on the hottest day of the year. However the winner is the Counting House for effectively turning the front row of its sitting and attic rooms into splash zones.

Best show

There are many contenders (Zoe Coombs Marr, Fin Taylor, Two Man Show, Daniel Kitson, Fern Brady, Lawrence Owen, Mat Ewins etc) but we have to plump for Spencer Jones’ Eggy Bagel. A Stunning achievement of nonsense and joy. Pretty gutted he was not given an award nod.

Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones

Hero of the Fringe

Having organised a 280+ hour long continuous reading of the Chilcot report and curating the best line ups at his Heroes venues, Bob Slayer is by far and away the hero of the Fringe.

Best Pick of the Fringe shows

Laugh Out London’s Alternative pick of the fringe – 2nd September in Camden
Laugh Out London’s pick of the fringe – 13th September in Angel

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