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Elf Lyons: Edinburgh Fringe 2016 interview

elf lyons

A recent graduate from L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier, Elf Lyons is a young comedian who now has some clowning chops to add to her engaging whimsy. This year she’s talking about how she wants to kill her mother. Expect things to get dark.

Hello. How are you today?

I’m fantastic. It’s 24 degrees and I’ve just finished writing a love song about a ghost – which may or may not end up in Pelican – so I am feeling as sassy as Latrice in Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4.

I’m also trying to learn to dance like Christine and the Queens and so far I’ve only broken one mug accidentally in the process.

Are you ready for another month of Edinburgh Fringe action?

So ready. I’ve already prepped my ‘I’m dying inside but you can’t tell’ wardrobe fashion choices.

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

About 60%.

Each time I have a bath I get a brand new idea for the show and then I get out of the bath, put some music on and have a rejiggle with the show and play with it. Making a show is like playing with a Rubik’s cube… you are SO sure you’ve got it, and then you turn it one way and realise you’ve got a whole lot more work to do… and then, suddenly, by complete chance, you twizzle a story/joke/change the punchline and it all slips into place and makes sense…..

What are your tips for getting people to see your show?

I get on Tinder and arrange to meet each person I match with at 7.50pm in the French Quarter of the Voodoo Rooms.

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

I am living with the comedian John-Luke Roberts.

In order to survive the month I will be trimming his moustache and making sure he has an endless supply of net vests to wear and he will help me keep a reasonable level of happy mental health by lipsyncing to all my favourite ‘Barenaked Ladies’ songs naked each morning.

I haven’t told him this is the plan, but I am sure he is up for it as he seems like a really chilled guy from the couple of times I’ve met him.

It is nice to get to know another comedian better during the festival.

Any shows you’re particularly excited about seeing?

Fellow gaulier students are doing shows which I would recommend
1) John-Luke Roberts
2) Helen Duff
3) Adventures of Tracey Tracey
4) Shayne’s Mom on Tour
5) Zach & Viggo’s Thunderflop
6) The Establishment

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Getting to hang out with my mates and see as much live art and new writing as I can. Also – I REALLY want to swim in the sea this year at sunrise, I’m yet to do this and it has been a dream. Perhaps I’ll organise a big end of festival naked swim…..

Salt and sauce on your chips?

Don’t eat chips. Sorry, I know that is a boring answer, but I absolutely fucking hate chips. I don’t understand why anyone likes chips. They are redundant. What is their point? They are SO BAD FOR YOU. They look like armless Simpsons characters that have been fried in sadness. I once went to a Fish n Chip shop in Brighton which was also a strip bar and I think that experience put me off chips for life. It was called Crabs.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Last week I went swimming at my local leisure centre and just as I dived into the water I realised I hadn’t taken my red hat off yet. I had to get out of the pool and ask the lifeguard if they had a hat stand for me to hang it to dry.

Other than that…

Talk to more old people around you. Don’t kill spiders. Be careful of treading on snails when you are walking somewhere. Don’t eat too many Almonds as they have cyanide in them.

When I am sad I google pictures of Elton John in sunglasses.

Elf Lyons: Pelican
Voodoo Rooms
6-28 Aug, 7.50pm

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