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Sketch duo Bucket on their Soho Theatre run

Bucket sketch laugh out London comedy club lol

Sketch duo Bucket (Ed Eales-White and  Jon Pointing) were one of break out successes at the last Edinburgh fringe.

Along with acts like Daphne, Minor Delays  and Beard were part of a breed of confident self-assured sketch groups to leave their mark on the festival. They won praise from The Guardian, Chortle and Three Weeks and now bring their show to the Soho Theatre.

Hey guys how the devil are you?
Very well thank you. You?

Ruddy bloody good thanks. Am I right in understanding you guys are brothers-in-law’s? How did you end up forming a sketch group together? (We like to think it was a game of charades that got out of hand).
This is true, I arranged for Ed and my sister to be wed after seeing him return a pair of maroon brogues at a TK Maxx. But it wasn’t until the last week of their honeymoon that we decided to form a sketch duo.

Ed has sketch experience a member of Clever Peter, were you a bit daunted by this Jon?
No, his experience has been really useful, plus we’ve worked together quite a bit in the past so nothing really daunting about it, just exciting. It’s not rocket science… it’s just chemistry.

We heard a lot of Buzz about you at the fringe and featured in a few think pieces about the return of sketch to the fringe… IS SKETCH BACK? (obviously it never went away, we all know this)
Yes it was a lovely little hum. As you say, sketch never went away, maybe that’s the problem, maybe it’s a hint. It’s nice to be featured in articles like that and the question, ‘IS SKETCH BACK?’ Is definitely a fringe favourite. It feels like it’s really a question about the mainstream success of sketch. There are plenty of good sketch acts but only a few ‘successful’ one’s.

It will never be as prevalent as other forms of comedy because by definition you’re presenting something rough and informal. Ideas that could be developed and ideas that perhaps shouldn’t of left the rehearsal room. It’s what makes sketch exciting, but considering it’s mainstream appeal, it’s probably it’s downfall. We definitely made our show with this conflict in mind, playing around with the form and how it’s presented. Our sketches are important but if the audience don’t connect or relate to us then they don’t work as well.

So yes, sketch is back… and this time, it’s personal.

Bucket sketch laugh out London comedy club

How many puns about buckets did you get in your reviews? i.e. “after this show i wanted to kick the bucket” (this is just an example, the show was very positively received by critics)
We were hoping for more and it’s pronounced Buckét

You have done a kickstarter for a comedy pilot, how’s it coming along? What can we expect?
We successfully reached our target. Thanks again everyone. We’ve already finished filming and are in post production now. Very excited about getting it out there. You can expect the Bucket sketch show but made for the screen so it focuses more on the narrative of our relationship. Watch this space.

Will you be returning to the fringe this year?
We won’t be doing the fringe this year, Ed is performing in a play over the summer and I’ll be throwing my savings into a wishing well in its honour. I’m joking… I don’t have any savings. Bazing! But hopefully we’ll both be up at some point during the fringe so we can do a few turns around town.

Bucket are at Soho Theatre from 29th – 31st March 

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