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Christmas interview with Thom Tuck

thom tuck

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society has become a cult of innovative comic imagination, encouraging comedians to try new ideas and styles and encouraging audiences to embrace those who try.

They’re the perfect fit for the unique comedy pop-up that is Grotto at the HoHo Theatre, and we spoke to co-founder Thom Tuck about his Christmas plans.


If you could design a Christmas jumper what would you have on it?

The Prophet Muhammed.

What date do you put up the Christmas decorations in your house and how far do you go?

I don’t. Unless you count the massive tinsel portrait of the Prophet Muhammed. In which case, mid October. And really far.

Christmas has been associated with a lot of classic comedy moments, from Morecambe and Wise to The Royle Family. What are your Christmas comedy memories?

I broke my arm at the Danish guest house Christmas ’91. Hilarious.

What is the worst present you have received at Christmas?

The bible.

What’s your suggestion for a Christmas cracker joke?

A man in a hospital complains to a doctor about the screaming of the other patients. The doctor replies, “you can’t blame them… they all know they’re dying”. The man says that surely they can be given a separate wing.
“But, this is the separate wing”.

Are you looking forward to performing in such a unique space as The Grotto of comedy?


What’s the strangest location you’ve performed in previously?


We will be raising lots of money for Shelter this year – An estimated 100,000 children thought to be homeless in the UK this Christmas. Discuss!

Oh. Wish I hadn’t been so flippant now.


Thom Tuck performs in the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society at Grotto at The HoHo Theatre on Sunday 20 December

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