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Christmas interview with LetLuce


LetLuce had one of the stand-out shows of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 in their sea-themed tail of searching for some fishy love.

We’re delighted to have them on the bill at Laugh Out London comedy club’s fundraiser for Shelter at Grotto at the HoHo Theatre on Friday 18th December.

Here’s what Letty Butler and Lucy Pearman get up to at Christmas.


If you could design a Christmas jumper what would you have on it?

LP: Elves. loads of elves. I think elves are brilliant and weird and naughty.
LB: Pigs in blankets. I think they’re delicious. Not that aesthetically pleasing though I suppose.

What date do you put up the Christmas decorations in your house and how far do you go?

LP: Well I don’t know really. My flat is so small there is only really room for christmas emotion. I’ll just have to imagine the decorations.
LB. I’ve been living in a hotel in The North for the past month. They got a bit sniffy when I started blutacking my tinsel in the breakfast room so I’m just leaving them to it.

Christmas has been associated with a lot of classic comedy moments, from Morecambe and Wise to The Royle Family. What are your Christmas comedy memories?

LP: Last year watching Letty on Miranda.
Lb. Hope nobody blinked or they would have missed me. I really enjoyed last Christmas Eve. Mum invited far too many people over & we had to order 60 glasses from Odd Bins. My godfather Geoff had been on the whisky since 11am & accidentally tipped the kitchen table over, smashed all the glasses,
skidded in a tray-full of smoked salmon blinis & broke his nose just as the first guest turned up.

What is the worst present you have received at Christmas?

LP: As a present, my brother invites me to help pluck the turkeys and get them ‘oven ready’. I won’t go into it.
lb. Acne.

What’s your suggestion for a Christmas cracker joke?

Lb. Ban them.

Are you looking forward to performing in such a unique space as The Grotto of comedy?

LP: Yes; it is genuinely my most favourite place in London.
LB: Positively champing at the bit.

What’s the strangest location you’ve performed in previously?

LP: fritwell village hall?
LB. everyone got served chilli con carne at half time & our green room turned out to be the worlds smallest disabled loo.

We will be raising lots of money for Shelter this year – An estimated 100,000 children thought to be homeless in the UK this Christmas. Discuss!

LB. Well it’s bloody awful isn’t it? Glad we can contribute in some small way & that we’ve finally got a very good reason to prick about on stage.

LetLuce perform as part of Laugh Out London’s Big Comedy Weekend for Shelter at Grotto at the HoHo Theatre on Friday 18th December


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