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Christmas interview with Spencer Jones

Spencer jones christmas London comedy

Spencer Jones was one of the breakout stars of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 with a prop-based show that was pure gleeful joy from start to finish.

We’re very excited that Spencer is taking that imagination to Grotto at the HoHo Theatre this December where he’s performing as part of Laugh Out London’s Big Comedy Weekend for Shelter.

If you could design a Christmas jumper what would you have on it?

I would have huge letters saying Happy Easter on a massive pancake that looked like a pumpkin firework being held by the easter bunny with its mother on fathers day. Next to a valentines card

What date do you put up the Christmas decorations in your house and how far do you go?

I havent had a tree in two years. Last year my girlfriend went and got some sticks from the wood and put them in a bucket. I dont really like christmas. It really gets in the way of my year.

Christmas has been associated with a lot of classic comedy moments, from Morecambe and Wise to The Royle Family. What are your Christmas comedy memories?

Two years ago, our cooker broke so I went all Bear Grylls in the garden with a shovel and a load of disposable BBQ’s. In my head i was some sort of legend. It nearly broke up our relationship.

What is the worst present you have received at Christmas?

If someone has gone to the trouble of getting me a present then i am proper happy. It couldn’t be a shit present. Someone has thought of me and wasted a bit of their hard earned cash. They will always be a legend in my book

What’s your suggestion for a Christmas cracker joke?

I’ve been trying to work out how to get across the ice in a beautiful way…. I figure skating

Are you looking forward to performing in such a unique space as The Grotto of comedy?

I have no idea about the space. When you say unique do you mean horrible or amazing. The word Grotto is making me think I will be getting changed in the toilet?

What’s the strangest location you’ve performed in previously?

In the end of a cul de sac in Holland.

We will be raising lots of money for Shelter this year – An estimated 100,000 children thought to be homeless in the UK this Christmas. Discuss!

100,000 children. 100,000? How the fuck does that happen? Is that on the streets? Hostels? 100,000 kids? I dont love christmas but thats 100,000 kids all year right, not just at Christmas?………everyone who reads this go to the website and donate now. Or come to the gig or both. 100,000 kids. Have a think about that.

Spencer Jones performs as part of Laugh Out London’s Big Comedy Weekend for Shelter on Friday 18th December at Grotto at The HoHo Theatre

Spencer also has his own Christmas Comedy Short on Sky Arts

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