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Christmas interview with Topping and Butch

Topping and Butch

Stars on the cabaret circuit Topping and Butch do sharp musical satire that is always fun.

They’re just one of numerous innovative acts at Grotto at the HoHo Theatre this December.

We chatted with Butch ahead of the duo’s double-bill with Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer on Monday 14th December.


If you could design a Christmas jumper what would you have on it?

Father Christmas delivering parcels in a Russian Jet Fighter pointing the wrong way..

What date do you put up the Christmas decorations in your house and how far do you go?

There’s no fixed date for the decorations. The decorations are fixed. The lights never made it back into the box from last year.

What is the worst present you have received at Christmas?

A Sony Walkman cassette tape player in 1998.

What’s your suggestion for a Christmas cracker joke?

Sold As Seen

Are you looking forward to performing in such a unique space as The Grotto of comedy?

Yes, it’s very bohemian and a little old style class..

What’s the strangest location you’ve performed in previously?

A men’s sauna. Our first gig as Topping & Butch. We felt overdressed. Oddly, men’s saunas started the careers of Bette Midler and Barry Manilow too!

We will be raising lots of money for Shelter this year – An estimated 100,000 children thought to be homeless in the UK this Christmas. Discuss!

It’s a shocking number. But we’re helping to turn jokes into money to help. So hopefully, that’s two smiles in one night.


Topping Butch perform at Grotto at the HoHo Theatre on Monday 14th December

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