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Joz Norris on The Girl Whisperer with Ralf Little

Joz Norris Girl whisperer comedy video

Hello there readers, it’s Jack and Tom here from Laugh Out London*, the beloved curators and overlords of this marvellous website.

Today we’re writing about one of our favourite people, the handsome, charming and good-hearted comic, actor and goon Joz Norris, who definitely hasn’t written this himself at our behest.

Lovely, brilliant Joz has informed us of his new webseries The Girl Whisperer, which we’d very much like to share with you here today as it’s one of the most stonkingly great things we’ve seen in a long time.

The webseries tells the story of Joz, a naive, gullible, shy, sexless idiot (played by Joz, who doesn’t need to stretch himself much for it) who asks his cynical, womanising friend Sam (Ralf Little, of The Royle Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) for dating advice before proceeding to make a tall dick of himself on a series of dates.

The cast is rounded out by three wonderful guest stars in the forms of Roxy Dunn (BBC Three’s Top Coppers), Bec Hill (winner of the UK Barry Award for Best Show at EdFringe 2014) and Harriet Kemsley (BBC Three’s Comedy Marathon).

Here is Episode 1, in which Joz wrongly interprets an instruction to make strategic physical contact while on a date

Episode 2, in which Joz misunderstands a metaphor and brings a hat along to a date that makes him say rude stuff

And Episode 3, in which Sam confronts Joz about his sex drive, and Joz manages to succeed in finding a girl who seems to like him

We hope you enjoy them; we here at Laugh Out London think they’re incredibobs!

* Possibly Joz Norris after the real Jack and Tom asked him to write something for the website about his new web series


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