Luke McQueen on Double Act at The Invisible Dot

Luke McQueen Double Act

Luke McQueen’s Edinburgh show, which revolves around his former comedy partner leaving him for fame and fortune, was one of the most talked about at this years festival.

He’s a comic who is willing to push boundaries further than most and is willing to put himself in more vulnerable situations than any other comics on the circuit. Luke is about to start an extended run at The Invisible Dot of Double Act, Tim Lewis asks the questions….

Hi Luke, how did the Edinburgh run go? Any particular highlights?
The highlight was undoubtedly living with Harry Deansway. A fellow comedian. He’s a very funny and horrible little man who goes to bed wearing a woolen waist coat and a ring with a purple skull on it. Every morning he would come into my room eating a Tunnocks chocolate bar. He would fill his chops with caramel and digest it with his gloopy mouth open in front of me. It was horrific. Then he would tell me about his previous day and I would howl with laughter at how badly everything is going for him, which is what he wants.

Why did you decide to write Double Act?
It was time to be honest about things. I had kept this a secret long enough. It felt really good to finally tell my story and explain to people the truth about my career.

I saw Double Act in preview a week before Edinburgh when the show was about Jason Manford. A week later it has changed a lot and was about a different comedian. Why such a drastic rewrite?
Oh, I suppose this question makes my previous answer seem less genuine.

The opening of the show relies a lot on the audience. Were you ever worried about starting a show with such a big risk?
I would be more worried if I started a show by walking out and yelling something like “Give me a cheer if you’re up for a good night!!”

Your shows often put you (and occasionally the audience) in humiliating situations. Does it take any toll on you?
I performed my last show in just my pants. I think it made everything funnier and more tragic. It stopped being funny the night my girlfriends family came to see the show. There wasn’t many people in that night. We could have been in someone’s living room. Worse than that, my girlfriends families living room. I’m the only one in my pants. No one understands why. No one’s laughing. Every time I go round for Sunday lunch the thought of it makes me cringe. We don’t talk about it but we all know it happened.

Famously, in 2014 you sold out the Pleasance Dome one night when you pretended it was a Frankie Boyle gig. Were you tempted to try any other stunts like that this year?
I actually did do one this year. I left the house one morning wearing Harry’s coat. A few people told me that they liked the coat and I just said thanks. I kept on pretending the coat was mine. It wasn’t even that cold. When I told them afterwards that the coat was Harry’s and not mine they couldn’t believe it. It was so funny.

Well it beats

Well it beats “Give me a cheer if you’re up for a good night!!”

Do you ever go “too far” in your comedy?
I did a gig in Exeter once. 8 hour round trip. Never again

What’s next for you following the run at The Invisible Dot?
I’ve been trying to get things made for T.V. I’ve been developing ideas with channels and producers but it’s a long process so in the meantime I definitely want to make another web-series. It’s a lot easier to create things online. You don’t have to worry about the legal side of things or wait for people to make decisions. I’m looking forward to creating the next project and just getting on with it. It’s been over a year now since the last Find my audience video so it’s about time.

Thanks for your time Luke, please use this space to promote / sell / talk about anything at all.
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Luke McQueen: Double Act is on at The Invisible Dot from Monday 19th October until Saturday 24th October

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