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Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards 2015

lolly awards 2015

With the Edinburgh Festival Fringe sadly drawing to a close it’s time for the big awards announcement that everybody has been waiting for; it’s the Laugh Out London Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards 2015 (or LOLlies as they are affectionately known).

Best new act

The Country Boys. An exciting new sketch double act comprising Edinburgh Comedy Award winner John Kearns and long-term collaborater Pat Cahill, plus some drain cleaners. We expect their 2016 show ‘Smell My Bum’ to sweep the awards.

Best character act

Andrew Lawrence who turned out to actually be a woman posing as a comedian when he revealed he was a character creation from Catherine Tate all along.

Most enthusiastic reviewer

All expectations were that the lovable Fringe Dog was a cert in this category with his eager, free flowing stars, but it turns that even more in love with every comedian ever is the Daily Mirror’s reviewing team of John Nicholson and Trevor Davies who seemed to be handing out five stars for everything they saw. This was either the greatest Edinburgh Fringe ever where every single act was the best act there has ever been, or this was a cynical ploy by the Mirror to get their name on as many posters as they could. Or they are critics whose place at a national paper has to be called into question (and in Nicholson’s case his place on the Foster’s Comedy Awards Panel).

Davies also wins a special award for most incomprehensible reviewing, with such sterling work as his baffling review of James Acaster, which includes the line: “Compared to many, he’s a fully formed comedian with a unique stage persona that is hard to compare to anyone else.”. Nothing compares to you Trevor, who is seeing the reviewing ball very big right now.

Best catchphrase

Joz Norris who took the Fringe by storm with his hilarious motto ‘Hello men!’

Most ironic trowel

There was some fierce competition, but Michael Brunstrom proved victorious with a trowel that defied explanation.

Best multiplayer game involving mushrooms

Matthew Highton’s glorious live recreation of Super Mario Kart at Alternative Comedy Memorial Society.

Best Lolly

Lolly Adefope. Natch

Best use of ice lollies

Mark Dean Quinn, who attempted to eat 24 in his strangely affecting show at the Banshee Labyrinth

Panel Prize

After 30 glorious years at the Fringe you have to give it to the Gilded Balloon who had some excellent panels outside Teviot House. They contained just the right amount of posters and weren’t an eyesore. Nor did they get in the way if you were walking to another part of the area. Great work Karen!

Most improved odor

Not only did Bob Slayer come up with the best line-up of any Fringe venue in The Hive (Ben Target, Spencer Jones, Beth Vyse, ACMS etc), he also managed to do something about the nauseating smell of post-nightclub hedonism that has traditionally affected previous shows. Well done Bob.

Sketch group most likely to whip a testicle out

Fringe favourites Pappy’s clean up in this one. Not only did Matthew Crosby reveal a little slither of sack during a late night Secret Dude’s show at the pleasance while roller skating in hotpants, Tom Parry also gives the audience a brief reveal of everything in his excellent solo show. We didn’t see Ben Clark in the play Marriage, but we fully expect that his balls played some part in proceedings.

Venue most likely to kill its performers

The Salvation Rooms at Just the Tonic at The Caves, which hosted some great acts such as LetLuce and Katia Kvinge who now probably just have a few months to live after picking up numerous infections in what is essentially a damp, underground pit.

Best show

Beard. Which was properly incredible. Like, really. Honestly. Most of these categories are just silly jokes. But this one isn’t. Beard had one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen at the Fringe.

Best show 2016

After a great debut hour with a show about Robert Mugabe, Scottish comic Matthew Winning has already confirmed he will return next year in a show about how early 2000s skater rock group OPM shaped his Edinburgh upbringing. It’s set to be called Heaven is a Bagpipe.

Best Pick of the Fringe shows

Laugh Out London’s Alternative Pick of the Fringe in Camden on Friday 4th September

Laugh Out London’s Pick of the Fringe in Angel on Tuesday 8th September


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