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Joey Page: Edinburgh Fringe 2015 interview

Joey_Page edinburgh fringe

Joey Page has built a reputation as a surrealist comic existing in the same hypnagogic world of Noel Fielding. At this year’s Edinburgh Festival he invites us to a Catastrophe Party.


Hello. How are you today?

A bit grumpy, it’s the day before my birthday and I have a really awful cold that I think I caught from sharing a microphone with Holly Burn, I’m now dragging her name through the mud.

Are you ready for another month of Edinburgh Fringe action?

I’ve been ready ages for the first time ever, I have been like an annoying Christmas kid waking up early waiting for everyone else.

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Pretty much identical, I had an idea that since I’ve been going ten years and done a bit of TV but still live at my mum’s I might not do it anymore so it’s kind of like a doomsday party for my career.

What are your tips for getting people to see your show?

Be nice to your flyererererers and flyer yourself, people really like to meet the person doing the show and it makes it harder for them to slag you off if you were nice to them earlier in the afternoon.

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see in your audience?

The awards people for the 6th time, Vic Reeves, the singer Father John Misty and David Bowie- in Reverse order

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

It’s a bit of a nightmare, I am sharing with Gerry Howell, Harry Deansway, Stimp Drelt and one of my best mates Sy Thomas but also Luke McQueen who I can’t stand, people think I’m mucking about but I literally can’t stand him. So the equation is plenty of Sy and really try and avoid McQueen, hideous man.

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Getting blind drunk and having fun. Oh and winning The Fosters Comedy Award.

What’s your topping at The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street?

I may be an alternative comedian but some things you don’t muck about with, cheese and beans.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Here is an open letter to the universe.

Dear Universe

I am going to the toughest festival in the world with the best pool of talent, please help me have a successful year and truly get something worthwhile out of it for my thousands of pounds, let my audiences be many and my reviews full of stars. Many thanks in advance.

Good luck everybody.

Joey Page.

Joey Page: Catastrophe Party
Underbelly, Cowgate
6-30 August, 8pm
£10 – £11


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