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Richard Soames’ top 5 Edinburgh Fringe top 5 lists

richard soames edinburgh fringe

It’s Edinburgh festival time again and everyone loves a handy Top 5 list, helping them choose how to spend their fleeting time on this earth in dark, sweaty rooms, listening to egomaniacs talking about themselves for an hour. But with so many Top 5 lists about, how do you know which list to look at? Well thanks to me, here’s The Top 5 Listed Top 5 Edinburgh Fringe Lists List. Listen.


5. In at number 5 it’s Chaplin Moustache Comedy with their Top 5 fringe shows from preview season. What I like about this list is it has quite a big font, so you can read it from some distance or while driving. Also it’s nice to see Joseph Morpurgo working his way up the rankings, having been on so many people’s Top 6 lists last year. But don’t take my word for it, check out the full thing.

4. A lot of people don’t think Chortle took it seriously this year, but I thought their Top 5 list was incredibly concise. “Fuck” looks set to be an incredibly daring performance art piece at The Space, while “Knows”, the hotly anticipated debut hour from Nick Knowles is set to be a cracking insight into his surprisingly in depth knowledge of trivia. “It”, the musical horror adaptation at C venues by Coventry University’s 2nd best Theatre Troupe looks astoundingly close to fulfilling its promise of being an hour long while “Hasn’t started”, the silent improv extravaganza that takes place entirely in blackout will surely deliver the unambiguous clarity and not confusing moments it is renowned for. Finally there is a huge amount of buzz around “Yet”, the one man play about a man who literally just sets himself on fire which will feature a new performer each day.

Read the full list.

3. The number 3 spot in any Top 5 list is a tricky spot to fill. It’s the album track, not as outwardly awesome as number 1, but equally not as outwardly shit as the forever unimpressive number 5. It’s about finding an average list with very little to offer, but I think I’ve actually broken that rule with a number 3 with a real difference. I have to say The Top 5 sketch shows from the Toronto Fringe in 2012 has to be one of the most avant garde 2015 Edinburgh Fringe lists I’ve ever seen. Well worth a look if you like your comedy lists so up to date that they’ve already happened:

2. It’s a personal fave this one, but one of my Top 5 Edinburgh list has to be this little gem by Claire Brotherton. Now I’ve never heard of any of the shows that Claire has recommended and I don’t even understand all of the words, so you know it’s good. Because what is this festival if not an overly large line-up of incomprehensible attempts to say something comprehensible?

1. And for my Top 1 Top 5, I’m actually breaking my own rule because it’s not a Top 5, but Edfringe’s own list of their Top 3479 Shows is a real must read. As detailed as it is picky, they have really chosen quality rather than quantity and that quality is quantity. A highly refined and specific mix of comedy, theatre, music, performance art, children’s shows, musicals, opera, dance, cabaret and circus makes for an insightful, light read. Don’t miss it:

So there you have it. The Top 5 Top 5 Edinburgh Fringe lists. Thanks for reading and hopefully soon, enough people will publish their own lists, so that we can finally discover The Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Edinburgh Fringe Lists List.

Richard Soames Does The Right Thing
Underbelly, George Square
5-31 August, 6.50pm
£9 – £10

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