Edinburgh Fringe

Kelly Kingham: Edinburgh Fringe 2015 interview


Kelly Kingham was a lorry yard worker before turning to comedy, since then he has been a finalist in the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year 2013 came third in the NATYs 2014. He returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show inside out.

Hello. How are you today?

I am completely at peace with the world thanks to a heartfelt programme of prayer, meditation and tranquilisers (I take a lot of tranquilisers).

Are you ready for another month of Edinburgh Fringe action?

Why? What have you heard? I’m fine; really. All that nonsense from last year is behind me now (three cheers for inadmissible evidence!)

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

At this stage my programme blurb is faultless (of course that may change when I actually write the show on the train up from Kings Cross).

What are your tips for getting people to see your show?

I’m hilarious; always have been; even at school people used to laugh at me – until the fire.

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see in your audience?

The head of programme commissioning at the BBC. Or Elvis.

Who are you sharing a flat with this festival and how will you help each other survive the month?

My wife because apparently under Scottish law she is obliged to do loads of good-loving on me or face the procurator fiscal (I should imagine).
We shall also administer Lem-Sip to each other on the hour, every hour, once we’ve crossed the border into Scotland.

Other than the great shows, what else are you looking forward to about your trip to Edinburgh this year?

Flyering in the rain on the Royal Mile for twelve-hours a day is always a high point. Who could resist thousands of agitated tourists barking ‘Which way, Waverley Station?!’ and then thrashing you with a broken umbrella.

What’s your topping at The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street?

Cheese and onion and tears. (NB: I provide the tears – and not always because of the onion).

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Here’s one in the eye for animal lovers. I saw a tatty old tiger in a circus once and he was riding a unicycle on a tight-rope with a blindfold on – and they wonder why they’re endangered…… They make it hard to care.

Kelly Kingham: Inside Out
Just the Tonic at the Caves
6-10, 12-17, 19-24, 26-30 August, 5pm

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