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Top 10 days to go see Sad Faces Present The Dawn Chorus

sad faces dawn chorus edinburgh fringe

It’s bad enough narrowing down what shows to see at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but it’s a whole other issue working out what is the best day to see those shows that do make the cut.

To help you out, we got Tobias Wilson of sketch group Sad Faces to pick the ten best days on which to see the trio perform it’s new show The Dawn Chorus at the Underbelly, Cowgate at 4.40pm


10 – Sunday the 16th.

Don’t come this day. My lawyers have urged me not to discuss the future events of Sunday the 16th of August, but it’s a headache you really don’t need. Not as bad as Thursday the 27th, but still, AVOID.

9 – Wednesday the 11th

Now we’re talking. This is the one directly before our first review comes out, so we’re still feeling pretty positive about the whole enterprise.

8 – Friday the 7th

Having tried the show the day before for the first time, we’ll have spent the whole night re-writing so will be very sleep deprived. It’ll be more of a free-association and primal scream therapy session but will be very powerful nonetheless.

7 – Sunday the 30th

A stripped-back, avant garde performance with no props or costumes, clocking in at 27 minutes. We will be in our travel clothes and holding our packed bags as our train back to London is at 5:20.

6 – Saturday the 22nd

A deep cut, this one. All lines will be addressed to Jack, as Tom and Tobi are no longer on speaking terms because of what Tobi did to the kettle. They only address each other passive-aggressively through Jack, so this is one for someone who fancies a bit of a challenge. Not nearly as difficult viewing as the 27th, but still only for the connoisseur.

5 -Monday the 24th

Jack is utterly and mind-numbingly bored of the show at this point: it’s become very clear it’s not going to be a success on any level. He will embark upon a new play within the play, and that play will be a musical. It’ll over-run by 2hrs 21 mins, so real value for money, this one.

4 All Other Performances, Tied

Just come. Please come, it’ll be OK I promise. Just come, and enjoy it and make it worthwhile. Please.

3 – Wednesday the 19th

The show isn’t on this day, but come along anyway, you never know what’ll happen. Life is an adventure, you can’t plan everything. So plan to come to the show this day, and not have any plans.

2 – Thursday the 27th

How could you not? You wouldn’t be able to live not knowing.

1 – Sunday the 9th

The good one! This’ll be the good show, that sells out, goes smoothly and gets a great response. We don’t need you to come to this one, as it’s an absolute lock, but if you can get tickets for it, you won’t be sorry.

Sad Faces Presents The Dawn Chorus
Underbelly, Cowgate
August 6-30, 4.40pm


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