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Joseph Morpurgo’s top 10 albums of 2015 so far

joseph morpurgo edinburgh fringe

Joseph Morpurgo is one of very favourite new(ish) comedy acts, combining suberb acting skills and utter absurdity to bring surreal characters to life and develop narrative shows with depth and imagination. 

As well as being a great character comic, he is also a talented writing, working as a music journalist for several years

Ahead of his run at the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show Soothing Sounds For The Baby, we got him to pick his 10 favourite albums from 2015 so far. He is a man of taste.

My new show is about strange old albums I’ve found. But did you know there are also lots of good new albums too? These are my 10 favourite albums of 2015 so far:


Dawn Richard – who, for reasons I can only ascribe to skull injury or tax evasion, has changed her name to D∆WN – first appeared on US reality TV show Making The Band, and has now developed into an ambitious R&B auteur of daring and genius. Blackheart is easily the most imaginative pop album of the year, and it’s genuinely baffling that it hasn’t been clocked by a lot of critics yet, so listen to it now and you can enjoy your ‘I told you so’ dividend come End-Of-Year List Season.


Olympic Mess

Helm was one half of noisy duo Birds of Delay (the other one now makes weirdo house music with a knackered Casio), and has put out loads of good records, and I think this is his best – a cinematic blend of drone, industrial, and burbling electronics, with a spooky monologue about strawberry chapstick in the middle.



Creepy/groovy exotica made out of dated MIDI sound packs with a loose automobile theme and a mystic sheen. Also, his name is James Pants.


Super Saiyan Vol. II

For the best part of the last half-decade, the big talking point in Chicago hip-hop has been drill – claustrophobic, nightmarishly violent street rap. The last couple of years, though, has witnessed the rise of bop, a stardusted take on contemporary R&B with the ebullience of J-Pop and the shamelessness of eurotrance – which is just a long-winded way of saying it makes you feel fizzy everywhere. Sicko Mobb do it better than anyone.


Captain of None

Dubby, aquatic folk record from France that trembles like a sea anenome. Colleen doesn’t really make bad records, but this one’s especially breathtaking.


Dream A Garden

Jam City’s last album, Classical Curves, was a genre-bending Jersey Club album made out of samples of paparazzi and basketballs. This one is a shoegazy singer-songwriter record that sounds like a glum Jai Paul. Should be dismal; is great.


Fratello Mare

Fantastically eerie beachcomber music that sounds like it’s being played by a band of alien hula girls. The man who made this is 72. 72! (No decent clips online, it seems – sorry)


I don’t know much about Burt, apart from his Summer Mix from a few years back when he performed Fourier Transforms on Sash! tracks until they sounded like ghostly ambient tunes. Gloss is put out by top lad Lorenzo Senni and sounds like a Speak’N’Spell having a religious epiphany.

Simple Songs

Avant-garde gun-for-hire O’ Rourke has produced and played on a bazillion good records over the last 30 years, and also released 50+ albums ranging from free-jazz freak outs to glitchy electronics. He also periodically puts out beautifully conceived trad-rock albums, of which this is a lovely (and aptly titled) example.


Music For Church Cleaners Vol I + II

A reissued and expanded album of organ improvisations, recorded at St Mark’s Church in Islington at the same time that the building was being cleaned. So you get beautiful organ playing, counterpointed by the sound of cleaning ladies starting up their hoovers or moaning about the volume. Try if you like: field recordings; beautiful things; Dysonsong.

Bandcamp link

Joseph Morpurgo: Soothing Sounds For The Baby
Pleasance Courtyard
5-31 August, 8.15pm

Find more at


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