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Sam Simmons and Doctor Brown team up

Doctor Brown Sam Simmons Soho

This month sees an exciting team up of two of the most experimental and innovative acts in comedy. 

Sam Simmons and Doctor Brown are to team up for a run of shows at the Soho Theatre In what must be the alternative comedy equivalent to the Avengers (Just need Bridget Christie, John Kearns and Trygve Wakenshaw to join in).

The pair put on a couple of shows together in LA (that’s Los Angeles) in the USA ( United States of America) and are now spreading it over to London for a limted 4 show run.

Brown won the Edinburgh Comedy Award back in 2012 and is playing the theatre with his own set of previous Edinburgh shows. Simmons has recently just ended his run of his Edinburgh Comedy award nominated “Death of a Sails-man” at the theatre. What should we expect? We have no idea really but it probably be a bit weird.

The tickets are sure to go pretty darn fast for this one so step on it.

Doctor Brown & Sam Simmons: Ceremony is at the Soho Theatre on Fri 23 & Sat 24, Fri 30 & Sat 31 Jan at 10.30pm

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