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The Birthday Girls create the perfect party


Crying at TV adverts and avoiding Band Aid? It must be the party season! We all know jelly, ice cream and Whigfield are essential ingredients for the perfect evening, but what else does it take to make sure everyone has a good time?

We asked brill sketch group Birthday Girls to give us their tips on creating the perfect party. And you can see how they celebrate during their run of Party Vibes at the Soho Theatre from December 9 to 13.

Top 5 party guests

Elton John (to provide tunes and diamonds)

Prince Harry (not because he’s royalty but because that boy knows how to party)

Pussy Riot (because we wanna do a collaboration with them)

Tina Fey (ditto above)

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe (we know this technically makes it 6 but we’re still raw about the split and we think someone should just get them in a room together)

Top 5 party essentials

Before you begin, assemble the following:

Sausages on sticks

Step 1: Choose a date and invite your friends.

Step 2: If your friends say no, use the money to try and bribe some strangers to come.

Step 3: If your stranger-friends take the money but don’t show up, make some DIY friends using the cake and the sausages on sticks.

Step 4: If you get hungry and accidentally eat your food-friends, play solo-Cluedo to take your mind off it.

Step 5: Have a great party!

Top party themes

We always argue about what the theme of our parties should be, so here are our individual preferences:

Rose: I’d vote for 1950s themed party because everyone feels great with a quiff. To be honest the theme of my parties is normally ‘food’ because I suffer from a chronic compulsion to over-cater. 1000 mince pies anyone?

Camille: I’d like a Halloween-themed Christmas party, because I think Christmas needs a kick up the arse. Failing that, I’d do an Olympic swimmer themed party. Failing that, tarts and vicars.

Beattie: Anything that justifies me getting carried away with the decorations. For my last Christmas party I spent £200 on giant crackers. I couldn’t afford to eat for a week.

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