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Weirdos prepare to boot up Computer Boy

Stars of Computer Boy: Ali Brice, Beth Vyse & Luke McQueen

Stars of Computer Boy: Ali Brice, Beth Vyse & Luke McQueen

Adam Larter is responsible for the silliest and most experimental comedy club in London (Weirdos Comedy Club), two surreal comedy pantos that raised over £8000 for charity (last year’s The Colonel and 2012’s Hook) and is  one of the most unique comedians on the circuit. Yet he still has time to take on yet another project, “Computer Boy” a new play.

We caught up with the man himself to find out more…


Hello Adam, How are you?

Thanks for asking. I’m very good. It’s a pleasure to be interacting with the good people at Laugh Out London again, speaking about Computer Boy, a project I am very excited about.

So what the hell is “Computer Boy”?

Thanks for asking. Computer Boy is a new surreal comedy play about a boy who wants to become a computer and his parents, an Elvis impersonator and a flight attendant.

Stylistically its like a big piss-take of a Samuel Beckett play, I have really watched much theatre but that’s not stopped me.

There’s an Australian short film called Computer Boy from the year 2000, it’s a parody of the Matrix. Will there many Matrix based gags? And if not can I get my money back?

Thanks for asking. I’ve never heard of this as I don’t really believe in research. There is no Matrix references, there are no ‘gags’ (Matrix or otherwise) and there are certainly no refunds.

Are plays the hot new thing? Tim from the office is in one at the moment, are you jumping on a bandwagon?

Thanks for asking. I’ve been doing mostly plays for a few years now, that Hobbit has no influence on my artistic plans . . . yet.

Adam Larter

Adam Larter

How strenuous was the casting process? And was there someone you wanted to cast who got away?

Thanks for asking. Some big theatres don’t encourage new work, they just book stuff which has already proved itself popular elsewhere.

To this end, there is one prick who was originally cast but is now no-longer in the play. Not saying who, and I’m not bitter. The rest of the cast I picked because they’re really very good.

Beth Vyse is a proper actress – like properly good. She has ‘stage presence’ she can project her voice and she is great to work with, always funny, always committed.

Luke McQueen always impresses he’s definitely one of my favourite acts as a comedian but I can’t wait to see more of him as an actor. Ali Brice has funny bones. He might not be as ‘talented’ or ‘hardworking’ as the other two but the funny bones go along way. He’s also my best friend but that actually doesn’t enter into the casting process.

Will there be another Weirdos style panto (such as the Colonel or Hook) this year?

Thanks for asking. Yes – it will be the best yet.

Computer Boy is on at The Proud Activist in Hackney.

Tickets are on sale below!

Wednesday 1st October

Thursday 2nd October

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