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With the Edinburgh fringe over, awards dished out and online student publications still rushing to publish reviews to justify all the free tickets they received, its time to reflect on the experience and see what some of our favourite acts have learnt.

bec_hillBec Hill, Comic and children’s entertainer

Highlight of the festival: Performing our kids show “Bec & Tom’s Awesome Laundry” to 90 boozed-up adults at quarter to midnight and having the most fun show EVER.

Lowlight of the festival: Losing my temper at some very rude audience members in a free fringe show I was watching and then causing more of a disruption in the process.

Next Edinburgh I’ll… climb Arthur’s Seat. I lived there in 2008 and have either performed or worked at 6 Fringes. I have NEVER climbed Arthur’s Seat. Mickey D and Boo Dwyer’s daughter “The Moog” has climbed it twice. TWICE! And she’s only 3 YEARS OLD. Disgusting.

ben_targetBen Target, Comedian, clown and nice guy

Highlight of the festival: The one on my bedroom ceiling

Lowlight of the festival: The torch I keep in my boot

Next Edinburgh I’ll…Not keep a torch in my boo

nathaniel_metcalfeNathaniel Metcalfe, comic and spinner of yarns

Highlight of the festival: A man in Starbucks trying to chat up two young girls. After finding out they were both called Megan he said
“Wow. Both called Megan? What are you two? Sisters?” No mate.
Also the night I stayed in & watched the Brian Blessed episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Lowlight if the festival: When I bumped into Tom Meek on North Bridge and he told me he didn’t have time to see my show. I’ll never forgive him for that.

Next Edinburgh I’ll… drink some Irn Bru.

sean_brightmanSean Brightman, Comic and co-organiser of the Freestival

Highlight of the festival: Having fun doing a show (with Mark Silcox and Gary Lynch as cast members), also helping put together the freestival and finally discovering that Haggis goes well on almost anything.

Lowlight of the festival: Phoning an ambulance for man having a stroke was a pretty low one. And the hangovers.

Next Edinburgh I’ll… Maybe take a year off, or probably just do it all again.

joz_norrisJoz Norris, Man about town / comic

Highlight of the festival: Without a doubt, my sensational performance as Not Beth Vyse in the cult hit show Not Beth Vyse: The ELO Musical, which has firmly established me as the foremost Beth Vyse tribute act on the Fringe, and also the one with the most ELO songs on their iPod.

Lowlight of the festival: That time I got a 1 star review from the List that said I was a “painful ordeal” and then several of my best friends in comedy proceeded to offer emotional support by pointing out that technically it was a fair criticism as I am a painful ordeal.

Next Edinburgh I’ll... Well, the major thing I’ve learned this year is that if you’re already an established successful name, it’s easier to get people into your shows. I’ll be spending this year working hard on becoming a successful household name so that when I next come up to the Fringe I don’t need to hand out a single flyer.

megagamesTom Webb, comedian and bantersaurus

Highlight of the festival: MegaGames

Lowlight of the festival:

Next Edinburgh I’ll… be Topman Glasgow

Beth Vyse, comic and weirdobeth_vyse

Highlight of the festival: meeting Eddie Peppertone, every night in my dressing room.

Lowlight of the festival: my fucking props!

Next Edinburgh I’ll… be standing in a white t-shirt saying something about my life into a micro-phone.


Karl Schultz, Comic and It Might Get Ugly head honcho

Highlight of the festival: Seeing so many of the weirdos getting their 4n 5 star reviews and the rather lovely feeling that so many of my friends were progressing and happy. Show wise, I honestly remember everything anyone’s disclosed at my night. I’ve felt useful.

Lowlight of the festival: l’ve hosted 26 emotional honesty nights in a row this Edinburgh. Too much perspective cast to complain.

Next Edinburgh I’ll… Bring back it might get ugly and I keep talking to myself as Matthew Kelly which could spell something.

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