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Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards

laugh out london edinburgh comedy awards

Best use of a paddling pool

This has to go to Adam Larter who brought the sea to life in The Hive with his one-off production of The Harbour Master

Best celebrity to be locked in a room with

Ruby Wax who I spent an hour with in an attic in Summerhall. She seemed good.

Best merchandise

Lou Sanders’ sexy vegetable calendar had some impressive parsnips.

Best antidote to comedy

The final two thirds of the insane Lippy, all about the true story of an Irish family who starved themselves to death over several weeks. FUN!

Best joke involving Billy Joel

Stuart Laws was the pre-Festival favourite but this has to go to Chris Ramsey who shocked many with his powerful and poignant ‘knock knock’ joke based on Piano Man.

Venue most likely to lead to your death

The attic at the Counting House was the home of many great acts (Harriet Kemsley, Richard Gadd etc) but in a year of terribly uncomfortable venues this was the biggest health hazard. I’m sure I could taste tuberculosis in the air.

Best performance art involving pizza

The dancing girl dressed as a big Domino’s pizza. Moving.

Best attempt to get website hits

Bruce Dessau posting a link to his predictions as ‘news’ on Twitter. The big cynical silly. It narrowly beat out this attempt.

Best Cheeky Chappy

Luke McQueen for convincing a load of Frankie Boyle fans to see him and a bucket. Some people weren’t happy.

Best Awards

Laugh Out London’s Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Awards. Of course.

Best Pick of the Fringe shows

Laugh Out London’s Alternative Pick of the Fringe at the Camden Head in Camden on September 5

Laugh Out London’s Pick of the Fringe at the Old Queens Head in Angel on September 9

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