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Edinburgh Fringe interview 2014: Stuart Laws


Stuart Laws promises the best Billy Joel joke of the Fringe. We can confirm this is true.

Hallo Stuart. How are you today?

Good, I got a new tyre on my car for the drive up to Edinburgh. I would tell you that Mark Silcox stood with me whilst it was changed but I’d feel like I was showing off. He was there though. I also considered setting up a JokePit account. I didn’t.

You’ve been to the Fringe for several years now. What keeps you coming back?

I hate having normal holidays where you get to read books and eat lots of food and see amazing sights and not worry that your flyers should be supplied in CMYK or RGB and why they look different on a monitor but not when you print them out but you still don’t trust it’ll print out correctly.

What can we expect from your show this year?

A live montage recreation, an excessive use of the word trotter and the most overly elaborate use of Skype in a comedy show ever. Plus a 13 minute presentation that exposes the truth about lebkuchen. And I keep talking up my Billy Joel joke.

I always love the high energy of your show. Is that hard to keep up for an entire month run?


Last year you were described as an ‘amiable Aussie’ in a review. What nationality are you going for this year?

I’m aiming for Krakozhia, the fictional, former Soviet state that Tom Hanks hails from in the smash-hit, feel-good movie The Terminal. Though last year I was aiming for Caspiar and I completely fucked it.

What else are you looking forward to at the Fringe this year?

Ben Target, Grainne Maguire, Evelyn Mok, Matthew Highton, Tom Toal, Hatty Ashdown, Phil Wang, Sean McLoughlin, Tom Neenan, Kieran Hodgson, Celia Pacquola. Man it must suck to read that list and not see your name in it. THERE ARE SO MANY NAMES THERE.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

I owe Mark Silcox £20 after today and we agreed I’d give it back to him in Edinburgh. This is my reminder.

Stuart Laws: When’s This Gonna Stop (1hour show)
Banshee Labyrinth
Aug 2-23, 2.20pm

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