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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Lolly Adefope

lolly adefope edinburgh fringe 2014

Lolly Adefope is a fresh face on the comedy circuit but she has made a big impact gaining acclaim from critics and comics alike for her unique characters and energy.

This year’s she’s doing a double-bill with Matt Winning as well as guesting on the Bear Pit Comedy Podcast and in Invisible Dot’s The Circus.

Hallo Lolly. How are you today?

I’m doing well, thank you so much for asking! I arrived in Edinburgh yesterday and am just about ready to start writing my show. 🙂

How did you feel about coming up to Edinburgh this year?

Can I be honest with you? Very scared. It’s my first fringe and I’m doing 3 shows (3 too many? LOL!) because I love to entertain – my solo half hour, the Bearpit Podcast Podcast, and The Invisible Dot Circus. It’s weird because I’m excited, but nervous at the same time?

What kind of characters can we expect to meet during your show?

In my solo half hour you’ll meet Gemma, who is doing her first fringe (sound familiar? Yes! I’m talking about me.) and who is generally quite a bad stand-up comedian but (fingers crossed!) endearing in many ways. Also because it’s a character I can do my favourite accent and perform all the terrible standup I’ve always wanted to try but still have an excuse for why it’s so self-indulgent. The Bearpit Podcast Podcast has 7 different shows every Monday – Sunday, so features lots of new characters – including Wendy Parks, a woman who has been a runner for 40 years. In another Bearpit show I’ll be playing John Kearns’ father. My third show is the Invisible Dot Circus, where I’ll be playing an escapologist’s assistant, and the show has real magic in it, so that’ll be really nice and spectacular and exciting. Hopefully some of that magic will spill over into my other two shows, right guys? Hee hee!

You’re on a split bill this year. Does that take some of the pressure off?

It does because I don’t have to launch straight into my first fringe with an hour of material, but also I don’t want to stink up the stage for the excellent Matt Winning who I am sharing the hour with. I think our styles work well together though so it should be really fun to play lots of pre-show games and calming exercises before we go on.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

I’m looking forward to eating at Indeli a lot – two years ago I went there with my friend Claudia and we enjoyed our curries so much that we got another one straight after. I’m also looking forward to playing some tennis, and saying I’ll walk up Arthur’s Seat again to sound cool but being very aware of my asthma and going to get another curry at Indeli instead.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Here is a short story about Ainsley Harriott:

‘Spare some change, miss?’

I whirled round, surprised, sure that I recognised the voice. A man sat there elegantly cross-legged. Sure enough, it was Ainsley Harriott.

‘Ainsley Harriott!’ I said.

He grinned nervously, embarrassed to be recognised. ‘Spare some change darlin’?’

‘But Ainsley!’ I said.

By my misfortune, I had no spare change that day, but I told him to open his mouth, and as he did I popped my last wine gum in by way of an apology. ‘Why aren’t you on the telly Ainsley?’ I asked, closing his mouth for him. He had such soft skin.

‘It’s all a rota system love,’ he said, while chewing.

‘What is?’ I said, wishing I had more wine gums left.

‘The meals they cook. It’s all done on a rota, between me, the chefs, the guests, the crew, and the audience that day. I had my turn a few months back. We’re not allowed to eat anything else, so’s we appreciate the flavours all the more and do that annoying thing where we talk with our mouths full. I haven’t eaten in 230 days.’

‘You poor thing!’ I said, chuckling.

He smiled ruefully and nodded, surprisingly (or perhaps, unsurprisingly) still chewing.

‘Ta-ra Ainsley’, I said, and kissed him on the ear.

‘Ta-ra,’ he replied, spitting out the remains of the wine gum and placing them gingerly in a handkerchief. Saving them for later probably, I thought, and skipped off down the motorway.

Matt Winning and Lolly Adefope

Aug 2-23, 4.30pm

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