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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Eleanor Morton


Eleanor is young and Scottish and very funny with a guitar in her hand.

She’s been touted by Josie Long and you can expect similar sweet musings on anxiety, awkwardness and frustrations with modern pop culture.

Hallo Eleanor. How are you today?

Not too shabby thanks. Bit of hayfever, bit of asthma.

How are you feeling about performing at The Stand this year?

Very excited – The Stand is one of the best comedy clubs, full stop. And they let me eat the sweets behind the bar.

What have your previous fringe experience been like?

I grew up in Edinburgh so my first Fringe expeirence was age five, seeing a play called ‘The Red Balloon’. It wasn’t Stoppard, but it had everything the title promised, and more (a blue balloon). For the past few Fringes I’ve been doing the odd gig, working backstage and making other people buy me food. As a resident, your emotions range between ‘Oh my god, this is amazing, the whole world’s art scene has come to my city and turned it into a non-stop party!’ and ‘GO AWAY. GO. AWAY. GO AWAY.’

What can we expect from Lollipop? Lots of fun and songs?

You could expect that. It would make the real experience even more confusing and memorable.

Despite being based in Edinburgh it can be hard for Scottish comedians to stand out at the Fringe. Are you hoping to fly the flag for the nation?

I hope to show people that there is a wide range of comedy in Scotland. I don’t think what I do is the first thing that comes to mind when people think ‘Scottish Comedy’. Or possibly even the last thing. So it would be nice challenge that. It’s also an important year for Scotland, and there are a lot of shows that reflect that, which is great. But either way, I’m coming down to London next month to drop litter and mispronounce place names.

On your website you post drawings you’ve done that people have requested of them kicking the shit out of animals. What was the inspiration there?

I can’t remember, I think a friend was annoyed at a specific animal and wanted revenge, and it kicked off from there.  There’s clearly a demand for it though, cos people keep getting back to me with very specific and unique ways of hurting various fauna. I don’t claim to be an artist, but I do claim to be happy to draw you flicking a wildebeest on the nose with a ruler.

What else are you looking forward to about the Fringe this year?

So many things. Clapton Herming’s Bum Show, ‘Whose Noise Is That?’ ‘Hip Hop FarmYard III’, The Cassidy Clap Sisters, Mister Pishes’ Last Day, Late Night Whale Fight and of course Lee Mandey; ‘The Doctor Who Knows Your Mum.’

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

Behind the door, yes, he was sure of it now, behind THAT door was the answer to the terrible click click clicking sound, the sound of madness itself. His hand hovered inches from the doorknob, his breath came in shallow blasts, his heart trembled in his ribcage. He grasped the cold metal handle and turned. The door swung, more lightly than he expected, more quickly, and silently revealed to him the terrible scene he had never dreamt possible…..That was an extract from my new book ‘The Door Inspector And The Novelty Egg Timer’

Eleanor Morton: Lollipop
The Stand
Jul 31 – Aug 24, noon

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