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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Nathaniel Metcalfe

nathaniel metcalfe edinburgh fringe

Nathaniel Metcalfe takes his interests seriously. Whether it’s Neil Buchanan, the Honey Monster or Deep Roy, he knows he’s stuff.

This year he promises more amusing meanderings. We look forward to them.

Hallo Nathaniel. How are you today?

I’ve had to take my computer in to be repaired so I’m a little annoyed about that, but my girlfriend has kindly lent me hers to write this on so that’s good. How are you? [okay although I’ve just left Edinburgh so a bit sad – Ed]

Your show this is called Trivial Pursuits. Can we expect more thoughtful ruminations on obscure pop culture?

There’s pop culture references a plenty as you can imagine, but I deliberately tried to avoid obscura this time. This is an attempt to write a more mainstream show, and while I could argue it’s more accessible, it’s definitely still a little on the odd side.

What sparks your fascination in certain topics?

I think it’s a genuine interest in them. I don’t think I talk about any of this stuff with any kind of ironic distance. If I’ve written about it, it’s probably because I like, am interested or know a bit about the topic.

Who’s the ideal audience member for your show?

I am. I try and write things that I would find funny. This new show has a bit of a theme involving doubles and doppelgangers so let’s say my own. Other than that I wrote it for the audiences who loved my show last year, and I’d go even further and say that if you’re reading this then I probably wrote it for you. If you’re the kind of thrill seekers who go to Laugh Out London shows or just like reading their website then you’re exactly the cool dudes who would dig it and that’s a Metcalfe guarantee.

Neil Buchanan was a big feature of last year’s show. Are you hoping he turns up in the crowd this year?

He’d be very welcome. I’d have been much more self-conscious if he’d come along last year, because unfortunately *SPOILER ALERT* there are no references to Neil Buchanan in my new show. I hope he’d enjoy it. I met a performer last year who’s dad or uncle or something had been in Neil Buchanan’s rock group Marseille, so there was a definite possibility that one or both of them had heard about it. If he shows up this year I will probably adopt the manufactured nonchalance I adopt if a well known comic or recognisable critic turns up at a show.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

I’d like to see as many shows as possible. I always do. I’ll probably be a little bit more freewheeling this time though and have barely glanced at the brochure. I’m excited for Chris Boyd’s show. I promise myself every year I’ll go to more non-comedy stuff but I’ll probably end up just seeing shows my pals are doing alongside amazingly inspiring shows from some of the best comics in the country. Increasingly this is becoming one and the same.

Away from comedy I’m looking forward to Irn Bru being my soft drink option in pubs for a whole month. My love for Irn Bru prevents me from drinking too much during the Fringe and thus keeps me fresh as a daisy for my show. I’ve also found myself excited about the Quattro Stagioni Pizza’s from Pizza Paradise. I’m staying pretty close to Pizza Paradise this year which could be a recipe for disaster.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

I found out earlier this year that Rick Wakeman’s agent is Roger De Courcey of Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear fame. It blew my mind.

Nathaniel Metcalfe: Trivial Pursuits
Cabaret Voltaire
Aug 2-23, 2.35pm

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