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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Gareth Morinan

Gareth Morinan is a reliable go-to at the Fringe if you want a show with personality, imagination and surrealism.

This year his hour includes an improvised with a special guest. We predict clumsy fun.

Gareth Morinan

Hallo Gareth. How are you today?

I’m fantastic. I’ve just discovered that Gabriel Faure’s Pavane Opus 50 is what’s sampled in the background of Xzibit’s Paparazzi. That’d be bugging me for about 24 hours now. Anyway, how are you?

Your show this is called Gareth Morinan’s Play: Time. Can we expect a fun experience?

I’m hoping the audience will be having fun. Whoever I’m performing with may or may not be having fun. I will definitely be having fun, that’s the only thing I can guarantee. It’s basically just a silly comic play masquerading as something that will answer all of the questions you have about life (that relate to time travel).

You promise an ‘exceptional cast’. I’m hoping for Helen Mirren and Zig and Zag. Can confirm or deny these rumours?

Unfortunately Zig and Zag refuse to work with each other anymore, and Mirren was only on board if we could get them back together. To be honest, and here’s a Laugh Out London exclusive… the exceptional cast had to cancel! There’s no cast! So what I’ve done is get a different guest comedian each day to improvise their half of the play. It’ll be seamless.

Last year you placed several listings for one show on one page of the Fringe guide rather than take out a full advert, causing some controversy. Do you have any fun marketing ploys planned for this year?

I noticed the Fringe made the rules more explicit this year to stop people doing the same thing I did. It’s nice to have made an impact. But no, not planning any marketing stunts this year. Nothing particularly good came to mind, and I’m not gonna start doing half hearted ploys for the sake of it. For me, this year is more about experimenting and developing new ideas.

Your performance in The Colonel last year as a passive aggressive army sergeant was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Will he ever return?

Never say never! It was great fun pretending to strangle Ali Brice every night. Next time there’s a Weirdos production, whatever character I’m playing might end up sounding and acting suspiciously like a passive aggressive army sergeant…

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

Oh golly gosh, too many to list. But a handful of people that spring to mind are – Beth Vyse (I’m driving her arse up), Michael Brumstrom (Human Loire), Harriet Kemsley (says ii all), The Beta Males (as a group and in their solo work), Abandoman (always a riot), Tina T’urner Tea Lady (saw her for the first time a few months ago, amazing stuff), and of course the great Sam Simmons. Plus everyone else who’s good who I didn’t mention.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

I should probably mention that I’m doing a second show, which an amusing storytelling show about my time working for Michael Gove. It’s not listed in the Fringe guide because it was booked in after the deadline, but it’s 3:40pm Canon’s Gait, 2-24th. I’m not saying this show will change everything, but I will say that about a week after I sent out the press releases, Michael Gove was fired by David Cameron. I think it’s pretty clear what the final nail in the coffin was.

Gareth Morinan: Play Time
Banshee Labyrinth
Aug 2-24, 8.30pm

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