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Camden / Edinburgh Fringe interview: Harry Deansway

Harry Deansway is a character comic who moved from producing his own comedy magazine (The Fix), running his aptly named and charming club “Shambles” to making his Edinburgh fringe debut at last year’s festival.

This year his new show is being spread across two cities so both Londoners and those in Edinburgh can catch the nonsense.

Harry Deansway

Hello Harry, How the devil are you today?

One minute I think I’m fine then then next minute I open the suitcase that has all the costumes and props for my show in in it and think you are going to dress someone up as a Camel And Sing Midnight At The Oasis to them in front of your parents, who you are making buy a ticket, what is the actual matter with you.

So tell us about your new show, what are we to expect?

The unexpected. No you can expect everything you could hope to expect from a Harry Deansway show. No jokes, beautiful poster and flyer that make you think show is going to be of same high standard, sardonic piss taking of comedy tropes, a month of angry posts on social networks to accompany the show and extremely negative reviews featuring quotes like “THIS MIGHT ALL BE ONE GREAT META HOAX AND DEANSWAY IS ACTUALLY A MASSIVE TALENT PRETENDING TO BE SHIT. IF SO HE’S VERY,VERY GOOD AT PRETENDING.” Chortle

How did you come to be doing the Camden Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe this year? Sounds a bit knackering.

I basically looked at my bank balance and went you are 34 years old and you have £20 to your name, don’t be knob end and do a full run in Edinburgh with a show that involves various costumes collated from charity shops and e-bay. Try it out in Camden and on the Free Fringe first and take it from there.

You made your Edinburgh debut last year, what’s your most endearing memory of it?

There were so many! Getting my foot trapped in a floor light for five minutes on the first night and having to do the last ten minutes of my show with a strobe on as I’d broken the lights, being called Racist by Chortle the most read comedy review site on the net; my reviews were so negative I had to relaunch my own bankrupt comedy magazine The Fix and review myself. Luckily I got five stars! Now you mention it I think the answer to your question is my five star review.

Your show is called “Harry Deansway Is A Bit Of A Character (Android)”, do you have a favourite Android? Mine’s the phone operating system.

Bishop from Aliens is fun, when his legs fall off and all that spaghetti carbonara comes out. But I guess comedy wise it’s Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, he had some real zingers like “Hey, laser lips, your mama was a snow blower.” and “Number 5 stupid name… want to be Kevin or Dave!”



Harry Deansway Is A Bit Of A Character (Android) 

The Camden Head, Camden High Street, London
Aug 8-12, 8.00pm

Harry Deansway Is A Bit Of A Character (Android) 

Cowgate space 5, Edinburgh
Aug 17,18 & 20, 7.30pm

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