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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Laurence Owen


Laurence Owen

Laurence Owen was one of the highlights of our highlight-filled night of Disney comedy fun with a song about Disney’s less than diverse attitude towards female characters.

We expect his hour at the Edinburgh Fringe to be packed with similar cynicism and satire.

Hallo Laurence. How are you today?

Hallo, Laugh Out London. Not so bad, thanks. A bit hungry at the moment. This has been a week of deadlines, so I am tired and content.

You promise to sing ‘troublesome songs of lust and bad manners’. How do you approach turning your songs into a Fringe show?

A Fringe show is roughly the same length as an album, and the principle of a good album can be the same as a Fringe show. You make a big noise to open, then relax a bit and be more playful, make an even bigger noise about half way through, then relax again, and make the biggest noise of all at the end. Though they’re not really connected, I’ve tried to make the songs feel like a nice little arc of storytelling.

I’m enjoying the title of your show. Were there any alternative options you dropped?

It’s a pun title that so far only Vikki Stone has clocked – there’s a jazz standard called Lullaby Of Birdland. That’s how I like my puns, so torturously obscure that no-one even knows they’re puns. And I’ve always thought puns are more effective if you need a paragraph to explain them, so I’m calling this a resounding success. The working title was ‘This Is Perv Country’, which could be both a place and a genre of music, but I’m not sure that would have been representative.

What sort of audience do you hope to get in Edinburgh?

If it generates heat, it can come to my show. Not to say that I wouldn’t welcome lizards or other cold-blooded organisms, they’re very welcome. Essentially, biological matter is all good. But I suppose if you’re biological matter that enjoys slightly melodramatic music, lots of words crammed together, and I suppose the darker end of musical comedy (which is still not particularly dark), my show might be up your alley.

What made you choose to perform with La Favorita Freestival this year?

Their manifesto made sense to me and they all seem like very nice bods. I’m very glad to have ended up at Fingers Piano Bar, which is good and atmospheric.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

Well, I’m also performing every day in The Rat Pack Stand-Up Comedy at the Free Sisters, which has great guests and is always massive fun, so I’m looking forward to that. Aside from that, I’ve made music for two great shows at the Voodoo Rooms, Madame Magenta: Libros Mystica and Mr Susie’s Last Chance Cabaret, so I’ll be very excited to see how they get on.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

It’s best to store coffee beans in the freezer rather than the cupboard – they stay really fresh for much longer, and that way you don’t need to spend loads of money on a fancy machine. Just put them through an electric or hand grinder and into a cafetiere and you’ll get a really nice cup. Then take your coffee, go to and buy my album.

Laurence Owen: Lullabies of Pervland
Fingers Piano Bar
Aug 2-24, 6.30pm

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