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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: It Might Get Ugly

Karl Schultz’ previous Fringe shows have centred around a bewildering character creation called Matthew Kelly.

This year he drops all pretence and promises to create the most honest show Edinburgh’s ever seen. Expect guest comedians every night to bare all in a very uncomfortable hour of storytelling.

It Might Get Ugly

Hallo Karl. How are you today?

Me ho ye. Meda ase

Can you explain the concept behind It Might Get Ugly?

Comedians will be as honest as possible. Audiences don’t feel the usual pressure to laugh all the time but when the laughs do come, their resonance mushrooms.

What compelled you to create the night?

It felt like a way to substantiate my commitment to a new path by rooting it with it’s own Omphalos.

What’s the ugliest it’s got?

Just about everyone who has performed has ‘brought it’. People’ve been uncomfortable, certainly. But it’s more edifying on the whole than anything.

Who can we expect to see in Edinburgh?

We aim to outdo ourselves.

What else are you looking forward to during the Fringe?

I’m going to climb Arthur’s seat everyday and I’m going to do yoga and weights with Copstick everyday and I’m going to see EVERYONE’S shows and I’m not gonna drink or smoke and I’m gonna volunteer at Zizzis and I’m not gonna hit on any flyerers, I’m just gonna be all about the work and I’m gonna start a cat emporium for comedians who haven’t had a good one.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

Two things. Can I invite you to check out the first instalments of our online series.

But really. Anything I want. Hmm. Well this is one of my favourite videos. Neil Sedaka performing ‘Bad Blood’ live. Dancing in those mum jeans.

It Might Get Ugly
Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 1-24, 11.00pm

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