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Edinburgh Fringe interview 2014: Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Following a stint as part of sketch group Christmas For Two, Sarah Campbell is making the leap to solo success at the Edinburgh Fringe.

She’s chosen to base her show on one of the most prevalent feelings for comedians at the Fringe: anxiety.

Hello Sarah. How are you today?

Oh hey Laugh Out London. Or Tom? Do the readers know you’re a man called Tom? Or is the premise that I’m talking to an actual website? Are we pretending that we’re chatting face to face? Or do they know I’m typing this into an email?

To be honest I was fine until I started doing this, but now I’m starting to think I’ve messed it up already by blowing your cover and basically ruining your website and now fear and regret are stealing their claws around my stomach. I’m so sorry.

The Fringe is approaching. How are you feeling?

I’m feeling good about my show actually. I didn’t expect to be feeling this good as it’s my ‘Tricky Second Hour’ this year and they tend to come together at the last minute which is nerve-wracking, but it has come together which I am grateful for.

I’ve had a few previews cancelled recently so I feel like there’s still plenty of details to work out, but the core of the show is strong. It’s a more grown-up show than last year. I feel like an adult.

This question has steadied me a little, so thanks for that Tom.

Your show is called Don’t Worry Guys, It’s Sarah Campbell. Do we all need to destress a little?

Tom, I can’t answer for an entire species. I mean, yeah? No? It depends if you’re as much of a nutjob as me.  Come to my show and find out where you are on the scale! And then I’d be open to doing some counseling sessions after on a case-by-case basis?

Stood my ground on that one. It’s important to remember how strong I can be.

The Fringe seems the apex of anxiety for comedians. Do you have any tips for staying calm during August?

The key for me is finding places in town where I know there aren’t going to be any festival folk so I can have some quiet time unobserved by my peers. Wetherspoons are good for this, bookmakers, even someone’s driveway you can crouch in for a couple of minutes without starting to worry that the residents have seen you. So I’d recommend hanging out in one of those places from time to time. Obviously I’ve sent you to some decoy places to keep my real hidey-holes secret, but see how you go with those.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

My personal goal in Edinburgh is to stay free of disease. I’m looking forward to this being the first ever Edinburgh that I don’t get sick. Last year it was particularly bad – a chest infection and an allergy to the metal in the microphones that gave me a really crusty chin. So if you see me out and about please remind me to take my zinc tablets and Vaseline my face, and it should be a very good year.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

I just wanna say I’m still angry about the treatment of Kandy Rain in the UK press during the 2009 series of The X Factor.

  1. It feels better to have got that off my chest. I can never talk about it in stand-up or even with friends because it’s not well known and it happened a long time ago now. Kandy Rain were a girl band in the groups category and the papers “exposed” them for having been strippers and called them evil sluts and I was so annoyed. I just want them to know that someone out there still feels aggrieved on their behalf. Maybe someone knows them or can get a message to them?

I feel like this has ended in quite an uplifting way after a bad start.  I’m now going to go about my day and try not to think about all the negatives this Q&A has thrown up. Bye Tom bye.

Sarah Campbell: Don’t Worry Guys It’s Sarah Campbell
Cabaret Voltaire
Aug 2-23, 5.05pm

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