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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Sara Pascoe

sara pascoe edinburgh fringe 2014
The Edinburgh Fringe has helped catapult Sara Pascoe to the very top of the UK’s comedy talent with critics and audiences embracing her very personal, intricately constructed take on comedy.

Never quite content to just make someone laugh, Sara will always try make an audience think, wonder or even change with comedy that touches on polemic.

Hallo Sara. How are you today?

Pretty great thanks, I’ve got my new jumper on which is covered with horses. And a hand covered with writing as I fine tune my show.

What made you decide to tackle history in this show? It seems an unfair fight.

Why unfair? History has been around for ages, I’m relatively new at just 33. I’ll fight you next year if you’re not careful.

Your shows are always as intellectually stimulating and interesting as they are funny. What do you hope an audience gets from your show?

Obviously the priority of a show is jokes and entertainment, but I talk about things that interest me, I guess we all do, so when that is stimulating for some of the audience too I am pleased. I always enjoy someone contacting me to say they went off and bought a book or researched something I mentioned, as it feels that my stand up is part of an ongoing conversation.

You’re now something of a veteran of the Fringe. Have you learnt any special skills to survive the Fringe in that time?

I am a fringe BABY look how young my skin is and my jumper covered in horses. This is my fifth solo show, an insult to the real veterans were I to accept that title. But what I have learned from the fringe I that I am the best and everyone loves me*

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

I hope I get to dance at music a few times and I always enjoy the extra gigs like Horne Section and Set List. I like to show off how great I am at singing and improvising*

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

HorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorseHorse [Sara used a horse emoticon here but we don’t know how to do it 😦 – Ed]

*i have been told off for being too self deprecating in interviews.

Sara Pascoe vs History
Assembly George Square
July 30 – Aug 25, 8.15pm

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